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STUCK IN "ELO HELL"? – Climb to Masters | League of Legends


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  1. Okay Huzz this annoys me every time you start raptors, so hopefully you read this. The reason starting raptors is good is because they spawn at level 2, and you get catch-up xp for killing anything a higher level than you in the jungle, so if you kill all the small raptors first, you get level 2 off of just the small ones, giving you a higher xp yield off of raptors as a first camp once you kill the big one. Subsequent clears it doesn't matter as much. Just thought I would share.

  2. LOL you're a good player and have a good thought process but there were many times where you prioritized farming instead of getting your lanes ahead (this was before the lanes got out of control. In such a carry oriented meta I would say you should sacrifice farming for ganking for your lucian or your kogmow even if it means taking an inefficient jungle route (I'm not talking about starting raptors and letting your bot lane get to lane first I'm referring to levels 3-7. You have a lot of areas to improve on so find them and work on them. You can definitely get to masters but you have to change your approach to jungling. Hope this helped, love you Huzz. BTW gragas outjungled you SO hard lol 🙂

  3. Dude i unserstand the feels for rammus he feels so satisfying like your just like hit me hit meee, oh ph your trying to run boom and boom here comes the damageee

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