Star Wars: The Mandalorian – Who is Mandalore the Great?


We don’t know for certain who Mandalore the Great is. The Armorer says they have been a frontrunner who fought towards Jedi years in the past. Now, they’re immortalized in historical songs, however their precise function in historical past is unknown. But if needed to guess, the character is doubtless a Disney canon model of an notorious character from the non-canon Legends continuity: Mandalore the Ultimate, who led his individuals in a warfare of conquest towards the Republic and Jedi virtually 4,000 years earlier than The Phantom Menace.

Mandalore the Ultimate was initially an amalgamation of two totally different figures from the Old Republic period. In the Tales of the Jedi comics we meet an nameless inheritor to the Mandalorian throne after the dying of the Sith-aligned Mandalore the Indomitable, whereas the Knights of the Old Republic online game launched the Mandalore the Ultimate as the warrior race’s chief throughout the Mandalorian Wars. An concern of Star Wars Insider later established that each characters have been the similar particular person.

Mandalore the Ultimate was a bodily highly effective warrior and tended to struggle with overwhelming power and warfare droids. Part of an alien species generally known as Taung, he was educated for warfare from a really younger age. He was considered one of the final of the Taungs to carry the title of Mandalore.

Whether Mandalore the Great is truly primarily based on Mandalore the Ultimate stays unclear, nevertheless it’s potential that introducing this little bit of historical past to the present is a strategy to convey again a number of issues from Legends’ Old Republic to the Disney canon. We’d definitely love to listen to extra about the present’s model of the historical Mandalorian Wars this season.

“Sorcerers” in Space

Since the Mandalorians are strictly neither a lightweight nor darkish faction, their warrior tradition as centered on household because it is on weaponry, they have been been each allies and enemies with the Jedi in Legends. This is true in canon too, with totally different factions of Mandalorians combating with and towards the Jedi in The Clone Wars and Rebels animated sequence.

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