Staff Playing Mario Kart On Stadium Busted By News Chopper


Gaming has become so mainstream that anyone who hasn’t been living in a private shed 10,000 miles away from mankind for at least half a century knows what a video-game is. Video games have become an essential part of most people, and many times, competitive games are developed, where the guy who can play that video game the best earns real money. It has become a proper sport. An… eSport. Anyways, what happens if you combine Sports with eSports? Gaming on the big screen!

This has been my dream ever since I was a newborn, gaming on a 41 feet high and 123.5 feet wide screen. If you can’t imagine the proper size, its about the size of 20 bowling lanes.

Apparently some mad-lads at the Kauffman Stadium did it! They achieved the gamer’s dream. A news helicopter captured what was: Mario Kart running on the Kauffman Stadium’s HUGE screen.

Reported by Tom Martin on his tweet:

There has been some hilarious comments on the Twitter page, where some of the people have said that:

People even expect the staff who used the screen to do gaming to get fired, because that’s how firing in these digital times work.

Royals, the football team, later revealed that this was all part of the Royals Associates fundraiser. They also said that they will be doing a video game party on CrownVision as an action item. It is interesting to see how that’ll pan out, considering how viral this news has gotten.

An instance of the same caliber, but officially, happened back in 2014, when TV Show host Brian, as part of his Clueless Gamer series, played Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Madden NFL, Street Fighter and more on the AT&T Stadium’s DiamondVision screen. The whole video has been linked below.

Imagine if you could get your hands on one of these things. What would you do? Personally, I would try playing Outlast on that thing during the night, with all the lights out and the stadium’s volume on full. Its gonna be fun letting the whole city hear those screams. Though that might not actually pan out well, if I really think about it.

Speaking of Mario Kart on screens, Mario Kart on Mobile should be out pretty soon. According to the information, the game should be out anytime before March 2019. It should be named ‘Mario Kart Tour’. Now that’s some juicy news and a time to look forward to, aye?