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Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Announcement Trailer | PS5 Event


Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming to Playstation 5 in holiday 2020.

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  1. Dope! My son LOVES Spiderman beat the game like 3 times lol Miles is his favorite he's so pumped for this! 😁

  2. I find it a tiny bit wrong, that there has to be Hip Hop music every time Black people are in front of the camera. Don't really think that this is a culture thing. But anyways

  3. I really loved the first game but looks like they have got rid off Peter Parker shame as I haven't really followed miles I'm sure he will be great I just have always known Spiderman as Peter Parker.

  4. I was hoping that they would continue Peters story as he trains Miles. Than in game 3 bring in Miles as the lead. Peters story feels like it can use a sequel, and Miles could develop more and learn from Peter. I am not familiar with Miles other than the 1st game. Either way I am excited for this game

  5. Well OK I'm excited for this. However, I was hoping that the sequel would continue with Peter's story and also kick-start Mile's story kind of like a GTAV character playing style.

    Being able to switch between the two and do missions and stuff would have been great. I know having them follow their own separate arc would be extremely expensive for the studio so I thought that the story would be one but you'd change between the two to finish it. Teach Miles how to be spiderman as Peter and then play as both to finish the main quest.

    Oh well I'm still going to play this no matter what, I'm just saying it would have been fun playing as both, in a "into the spider-verse" kind of twist.

  6. Still waiting on Twisted Metal Vs. Vigilante 8 new video game. That'd make me buy a PS5 happily.

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