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SO THEY OVERBUFFED VOLIBEAR… HE'S NUTS – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends


So Volibear got some buffs as he was pretty weak on his rework release and it seems it may have gone a bit far as he seems overpowered! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Volibear Top Gameplay.

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SO THEY OVERBUFFED VOLIBEAR… HE’S NUTS – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends

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  1. I love when people have a passion and I also love when people share their enthusiasm about that passion! keep up the good work

  2. Volibears ult is overpowered shouldn’t be able to deactivate towers. Riot needs to sort out their shit.

  3. This is why Riot should release OP champs then nerf them afterwards, rather than releasing a weak champion that gets beaten everywhere and then not knowing what to buff and causing them to be overbearingly strong.
    At least with a strong champ you know what to tone down on their abilities.

  4. I gank a volibear with nunu lvl 2 with teemo and the volibear kills us when everything was played perfectly, balanced champ

  5. how do i see my frames and ping in the top right, because i cant find the setting cus i sorta raged out and smashed my keyboard lmao and now it's gone

  6. So weird to see the title of video without items but watching the video it’s understandable

  7. Boring game. Not because of Huzzy, he was why I still watched, but because enemy team was being weird. Keep up the vids though, huzz!

  8. The toxicity is still a problem,, I had a yummi attached to a kassadin afk farm the whole game deciding not to group. I lost tht game since the enemy broke our base while they continued farming. It was very infuriating!

  9. I think if they nerf e damage and increease q movement speed if would be a little more balanced as most champions can get away from voli still with the current q movement speed without other speed items aside from shoes.

  10. I was going to say, is it possible you have a lactose intolerance? Some people who have an intolerance get like that when they drink milk or milk products.

  11. Huzzy, first of all I have to say thanks for the amazing content, second of all thanks for inspiring me to work out.

  12. What if Pengu is actually a future you, using the money made by his timeline's Pengu to come back and make sure you become an even richer Pengu? Just a thought…

  13. I am a 10 year old League of legends player. This new Tank Meta on top lane is crazy. I always used to play as Riven or Akali but now bruisers/assassins are so squishy and are useless. This is sad to have to be forced to play Tanks/Juggernauts even ranged champions like teemo can be destroyed by mordekaiser. Anyways yeah Volibear is overbuffed I might end up maining him…Thanks for the beautiful uploads, keep it up Huzzy !

  14. Volibear also just becomes a monster in Lategame even when you do fall behind in laning phase

  15. he cant freeze you out cause he has a larger creep wave so its better to crash the wave and let it slow push to him then freeze

  16. With you, I always click on like as the first thing that I do. I think your videos make 90% of my liked content on yt 😀

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