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SO MUCH PRESSURE ON HEIMERDINGER! – Climb to Master… Kinda | League of Legends


Continuing with the HuzzyCannon account we panic decide Heimerdinger! We’re high lane and we have now an insane quantity of stress and have a heap of enjoyable! League of Legends Heimerdinger high gameplay.

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  1. Huzz thank you for your perfect accent, since i am studying languages and listening you talking on a daily basis helps a lot.. Keep up good work. Greetings love your content <3

  2. I like this huzzy. This huzzy is good. “SOS dance” “WEEEEEEEEE” “Ultimate Illuminati” whispers”do you want to do baron” “oooooh” “Heimedinger Heimedinger Heimedinger Heimedinger Heimedinger Heimedinger”

  3. Huzzy I think I like all of your content. There are the vids where u talk about your mistakes (and your teammates/enemy) and there are vids like this where you are super chill so do what you want and try to have fun. 🙂 (btw are you planning to play with the new Darius skin soon? I would love to see it!)

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