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SMURF Vs SMURF! BRAND TIME – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Welcome again to Iron to Master! Today we go autofilled assist so I made a decision it was Brand time! The enemy staff has an Evelynn major smurf, can we do sufficient to carry? Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Brand Support Gameplay.

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SMURF Vs SMURF! BRAND TIME – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. a support does not one shot anything, even a "fed" morgana does not one shot things. Sure she is annoying and has the longest root in the game, but she is still a support, because she has CC and Black Shield. Brand is just a mid laner bot. I find it somewhat hypocritical when Huzz hates "off meta picks" but supports brand support.

  2. brand support is overpowered and ruins league, it is playing a mid laner bot, there is nothing "support" about him…you are playing an AP mage carry (mid laner) bot. He dominates lane because he is….a mid laner and thats how he is designed. He has way to much damage. This game basically had two ADCs, Huzz and MF and the MF didn't have to do anything, brand could 2v1. Makes the laning phase unbalanced, and ruins the fun for your opponent. He is banned everytime I play support. I wish riot would get him out of the bot lane.

  3. Quality has most likely gone down because there are more players than in Season 3 and 4, combine that with riot's emphasis on team work carrying instead of solo carrying. That focus really makes those who are not playing well stand out even more as they degrade the overall performance of the team and increase the chances of you losing

  4. My ranked games has been like this as well. I honestly prefer premade 5 norms over ranked these days. If your team mmr is high it's actually very competitive. Game quality is much better imo.

  5. I understand being frustrated at people who give up/flame but calling the MF bad is a bit cruel, she tried all game – instead of calling people just straight up bad, you can call out a bad ult or bad positioning or they’re having a bad game. It’s just, even insulting people out loud doesn’t mean it’s okay. If they watch this vid back it might make them feel really crappy… idk it just isn’t nice to hear people get insulted all game when they’re lower elo than you. Your standards are too high as a smurf. If you can’t cope with the ‘bad’ low elo players then you shouldn’t smurf…

  6. Huzz you said before that your main account feels like it's lower rating than it actually is. I think you're forgetting that that translates to the lower ratings as well. Manage your expectations so you don't get frustrated.

  7. After listening to the intro I wonder if its a good idea for a series that you cant play any champion more than once and get to a certain rating. Idk if you have been suggested this or tried already but I just thought of it.

  8. Huzz I love your commentary but i don't get the position on luck. In low rating particularly. I feel when I hit a crazy prediction as a low elo player there is some luck involved. Also sometimes sidesteps that keep me alive in the middle of a team fight can be lucky. Idk maybe once you get to Diamond level but I feel there is a decent amount of luck in how you play in low elo.

  9. I’d love to see report bans. But nothing crazy. No one wants to dodge games because they can’t handle a 5-15 minute queue time….

    If you play back to back games where you’re getting reported by a team mate you get a 5, 15, 30, 3 day ban. Sometimes you have troll team mates that will report you. You’ll be pissed and take the 5 minutes. But if you are that guy, and get to that 3 day ban, then riot knows you’re done if it continues… it can’t be hard right?

  10. Huzz ignoring the fact that the biggest determining factor of you wining IS LUCK BASED, and its the matchmaking, how am i supposed to climb when 80% of my games i get teams like this

  11. Well talking about the average smurf playing only a handful of champions you need to take into consideration the fact that most smurfs dont have League Unlocked and have a very limited champion variety in that account. Im not talking about this eve in specific but still something you should take into consideration

  12. I think that roll queue has lot to do with the game quality going to shit. Back when pick order was a thing the game was this shit hole of people blaming auto fill or not playing main roll. Roll queue has created a big problem withing players and that is entitlement .

  13. best part of this series is when we see games like this though to be honest, even huzz gets players like this, its painful but this past season has been like this most games 🙁

  14. Oh, this reminds me on the one time little Lulu me got first blood, my Tristana ADC got angry and tell me to leave her lane, I did not and she went top to int, lovely people on this game

  15. they have very weak sett, vayne and very fed eve with strong ryze what should we do…
    Darius: Rush dead man
    Rammus: Rush Thornmail
    Orianna: Rush archangel and twin shadows

    Those builds gave me a headache.

  16. I get insanely mad when supports play like pussies and hide behind me to the point where I wanna queue up as support since I know what my ADC would want me to do. But then my ADC would probably not know to capitalize on my harass 🤷‍♂️

  17. This is a constant in low ELO. Some people once they get behind they just don’t want to win and give up. They only want to win if they get fed and it ruins so many games

  18. 29:46 last i checked control wards do reveal evelyn. 30:10 reminds me of last game i played just before this vid. had a ezreal who had a serious identity crisis and thought he was a yorick or a jax, and was permanently split pushing, i bitch at him to stop and group instead, eventually he listens, then the moment he does our only source of engage, sej jg immediately stops grouping and instead perma splits…………. like its frustrating. doesnt feel like there are any players left in every elo, that want to actually climb.

  19. 22:46 i feel you man. today has been demoralizing. went from a 60% win rate with over 40 games played in ranked, down to a 45% win rate in ranked. (and havent been able to make any progress at all ever since my promos got ruined a few weeks back i havent been able to get back to promos since, and my win rate has steadily gone down. feel like there is nothing i can do, always have 1-3 people on my team that make winning impossible, no matter how fed i get, no matter how hard i smash my 1v1 in lane, no matter how much i roam, and how heavily i impact the map, i cant make any progress, and am steadily starting to fall in rank…………… its frustrating.)

  20. Thanks for reminding me why I retired from LoL and just playing LoR. Not sure what you call it on that side of the ocean, but we call it "soft int'ing". I'm honestly done with it. Players just giving up and going to afk split push mode.

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