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SMOOTH SAILING VEL'KOZ (STEVE) Vs Anivia | League of Legends


We’re again on Steve! We’re towards an Anivia and we’re crusing the open seas of SoloQ and hoping for easy crusing. Vel’Koz Mid League of Legends Gameplay.

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  1. Huzzy i really don't think upload times matter. I'm watching every single one episide since the new year but I'm always watching it 1-2 weeks after the upload anyways, upload times really don't matter for me as long as there is a video

  2. Dear Huzzy. I'm sure you know now after editing this video, but rengar had enough time to stand next to your pink ward and hexflash at you. I just thought I would share this because it gave me a good chuckle and I truly needed one. Love you. Keep it up.

  3. Tbh I like the upload time. Your videos come out at around 6 am my time, and since I have mostly morning classes, I find watching your videos a good way to unwind before going to class. Do whatever you think is best for the channel though 😀

  4. Going back to the moment when you said that league community now does not really know what a toxicity is – the all chat from Yasuo at the beginning of the game was just a regular smack talk, similar to what most fighters in sports do during face to face meetings before match and actually can be counted as a joke…was it actually that bad and toxic?

  5. Also, i like when,your first video of the day comes out, watching it is usually the last thing i do before i pass out :p you have a calming voice (i agree with whoever says you should do an asmr video)

  6. please keep doing these intros. I really want to like your videos and support the channel, but I keep forgetting to push the button! thanks huzz

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