Skylines Available on Nintendo Switch Now


The popular city sim game jumps to the Switch, at last.


Civilization 6 isn’t the only popular PC game coming to the Switch; Cities: Skylines, the extremely popular city sim game that caught on in the waked of SimCity’s self-inflicted implosion, is also coming to the Switch. In fact, it is available right now.

Cities: Skylines on the Switch includes every expansion released for the game so far, and was also presumably the reason that the Direct was delayed from its original date last week (you can cause natural disasters, including earthquakes, in the game). While the prospect of city building on the go is amazing, I do need to point out that the game looked extremely rough during the Direct stream. Given that it is known to have performance issues even on a console like PS4, I’m not entirely sure what the Switch version is going to be like, and it might be for the best to hold off on buying it right yet.

Cities Skylines is available now on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.