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Another episode of Huzzy Spectates, at the moment a Silver Leona Support sport. Watch how the craziness ensues.

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  1. This is a fuckin fiesta was s2 last season am s3 now after placements 7 and 3 and jesus this is what b5 is like omg vayne so bad doesnt farm wayyyyyy too greedy and has no decision making what so ever

  2. I see a lot of similarities with this game to my own. You mention that the games can be relatively easy if you can beat your opponent in lane. This is one of my biggest weakness it seems. I never seem to do well in lane phase. Is there any advice to help with this?

  3. 17 is the most deaths you have ever seen? Hahahahaha. Welcome to low Elo, Huzzy. The most I have seen was a "Yasuo main" who had 37 deaths. That was my second placement game the first time I was playing ranked. And no, he wasn't inting, he was actually trying his best.

  4. Um. These are not like my games. My team maybe, but when I play my silver games the enemy team plays like I see when I played with my plat friend against mostly plats in draft mode. My team half the time just walks around mid game like WTF do I do. I spam group take towers and they split up 2 top 1 bot and one jg then I get stuck spamming help defending mid tower 1v5. I hate ranked :'(

  5. Watching the miss fortune and vayne literally made me feel better. "Oh, look at that, there are actually way worse players in my rating." So I decided to go play a ranked game for the first time in two months (been playing normals). Top lane Orn, the bot lane support Thresh came top a lot for some odd reason, but I won the game!
    +18 LP baby.

  6. Reason MF is in silver "mini map" when she finds it and starts using it she will start winning more games.

  7. An ADC in Bronze/Silver only needs to CS well to win. Once you have the gold advantage, it's over 90% of the time if you don't do something incredibly stupid.

  8. Supp main here. Play thresh karma Janna etc. how I supposed to carry when ADC dives at lvl 1 and midland goes 0/7 in lane against xerath. 1 q onto anyone with less that 1200 hp and they dead. Extreme ex but basically something like this is every game

  9. at 22 minutes you talk about the +2000 gold of the zed and that he is a support so it doesnt matter. but he has more gold that the cass at this point, and shes farming not badly. so actually he is a big threat, sightstone doesnt matter when he can oneshot the adc

  10. Hey huzzy, Im a low gold player that mains adc // tristana.. Where can I send you replays so you maybe can spectate them?

  11. Hey huzzy (and comment section). I have a predicament. This is my first season playing ranked and im silver 2 and climbing with ~60% win rate. But whenever i duo with my friends who are also silver i have a 40% win rate. I do wanna help them climb with me and i am still learning up, but idk what to do about this duoing problem.

  12. That Vayne has as of now a 80% winrate ? With Lux ? Weirdest smurf ever. And Huzzy was right, this was Zed's first and maybe last ranked game. ^^

  13. Heck lol I'm silver V and I don't think my games are this bad. Maybe it's just the different perspective instead of being in the game at the time.

  14. I am bronze and I have to agree if I have not a really good enemy(with counterpick against me) I usually win lane either by farm or kills. So yeah even though I started in bronze if I played more would have already climbed but as of now with around 2 games per week I still do just slower

  15. favorite video ever. the honesty over the MF's positioning/decision making made me happy, not a lot of people are that honest about it and THAT is what helps people improve

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