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SCALING IS KEY! ANNIE TIME! – Climb TO Master S11 | League of Legends


Hey guys! We’re taking part in some Annie at the moment and we’re doing a replay format episode of Climb to Master, you will see why! This sport reveals the distinction of scaling champions. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Annie Mid Gameplay.

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SCALING IS KEY! ANNIE TIME! – Climb TO Master S11 | League of Legends

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  1. I feel that as a jungler even tho like I gank bot early and we get them ahead well then top or mid struggles and blames it all on the jungler. I would love to gank bot again and again because it's the only positive thing the team is getting from it but suddenly top and mid get salty about the jungler only helping bot and just rage quits. It's super annoying so that's why like as a jungler we'd wanna help all lanes as best as we could, not to mention catching up on farm as well :')

  2. I love Huzzys main account climb videos. I agree with Huzzy on a lot of his opinions of league and his “old school” mentality. Unfortunately Huzzys videos have been turning into 30 minute complaint videos since preseason. Sad days man.

  3. I do have connection issues from time to time and in that moment there is just nothing I can do :/ And it's so unpredictable. I play on wifi with my family using it too, so that's a factor for sure

  4. I don’t think Kled scales that well tbh. He’s a hyper aggressive early game champ and gets outsclassed late game by most other bruisers.

  5. 17:49 yes. wifi is a bit more unstable of a connection. back when i use to play on wifi, i had connection issues. but when i got my pc updated and stuff, on the same internet connection, when playing from my pc which is hardwired to the internet, i have had 0 connection issues. but on laptop, i had loads of issues with connection. practically everygame i would lose connection atleast once.

  6. My internet disconnects for a sec and need 10 seconds to restart sometimes. Maybe.. around 3 times a day? Idk if the repeater is at fault or whatever.

    But I don't care about that. What annoys me is when my step brother is home. 80-120 ping constant and sometimes ping goes up to 1200 or whatever and that takes a while to go down again. I can never play when he's at home.

  7. I've had the connecting/disconnecting issue recently. My WiFi was full strength and internet was working on my laptop. I fixed it by connecting my laptop to my phone's hotspot.

  8. I’ve grown up playing with days where it was a dc reconnect kind of game (which once I noticed I’d just call it for the day) so I totally could see that happening. I grew up with worse wifi than most tho

  9. To make the play at 29:20 more satisfying, I'm pretty sure you saved the Ashe with your Tibbers since Pantheon q deals bonus damage to the first target hit

  10. Huzzys old fartines is the reason why I like him. I really can’t stand these oh THIS IS INSANE/BROKEN or the THIS CHARACTER IS SO HOT you know?

  11. I’ve definitely had disconnect/reconnect internet before. I do play on WiFi though and have 3 other people living in my house so that’s probably why lol

  12. I feel like Huzzy's best role isnt in midlane. He rarely has a game where he is the difference maker and that means he has to trust his teammates. You cannot trust your teammates in soloQ. I think top or jungle would be a role where he can help his team better.

    Also lategame hypercarrys are overrated bc games are usually decided after 15 minutes. Winning lane is more important then ever with these items.

  13. so huzz about 11:30 into the video you were talking about how much you dislike the new items and what comes them.
    my q is : how do you feel abous stop watch, gargoyle and active items? because they give abilities same as the mythics

  14. 3:50 i feel the same with ahri. compared to most other mages, she does so little damage in late game. but i have always adored her kit and everything. but god. if i dont get ahead early (by the time i complete my first item). i seriously start to feel bad, cause if im against a mage, they have already nearly outscaled me, so in order for me to do anything then, i have to play it flawlessly and hit the charm. they on the other hand practically one shot me with just thier q or w. and even when i get hyper ahead, if the enemy manage to hold the game together long enough, i start to feel like i cant do much. heck in the game i just played, i went 6/0/2 before completing my mythic. my lane opponent was already 0/6/0. he was a xerath. i was 8/1/7 and he was 0/20/0 and he one shot me after i barely missed the charm, and he did it with just his w and q, and did so between my ult dashes, meaning he did so between the times i can dash during my ult. it was literally only 32 minutes into the game. that just doesnt even feel fair. i was on 4.5 items, he was on 2. yet since i missed my charm, i lost all my ability to ever kill him. and even with how "weak" he should of been, he still one shot me in 0.2 seconds with his w and q. and to top it off i didnt even half health him after hitting both q passes and w and a ult charge. he was still just above 50% health. so even if i got off my other 2 ult charges, he would of lived. that just sucks. its why i stopped playing ahri for so long. im only playing her again cause i missed her kit so much. im praying they do something for her. such as buff her scaling, or maybe mini-rework her a bit, or something. cause every other mage just feels better to play in every way. and every assassin feels better to play in just about every way.

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