Samsung-Galaxy-Note-20 – a Price, release date and specs


Samsung has already unveiled its new smartphone top of the range. At this time, the line of Galaxy Note, it is made up of two terminals are different, and that had never happened before. As is customary in the market of smart phones, there are models with two sizes, but the differences go beyond the area of the screen and the weight.

The samsung Galaxy Note, 20 of the input, followed by samsung’s Galaxy Note, a 20-5G (this is exactly the same as the first one, but the adding support for 5). The model shown above is the Galaxy Note, And 20, Ultra 5, which will be available in 256 GB or 512 GB of memory with room for expansion via a MicroSD card (it’s possible that it does not exist in the base model).

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-20 – In The news

The new samsung Galaxy Note is the slogan for Samsung is to bring the power of a computer in the hands of the user. Specifically for video game lovers, there is a new exciting. The device in question 20, will be compatible with your Xbox Game, Pass Microsoft, and it is possible to play via streaming (if there is one 5 G) out-of-home (note: this feature will be available in the Uk on the 15th of September).

It is for this reason that the Samsung is currently offering the 3-months-of-Xbox-Game-Pass-the Ultimate, in conjunction with the command to WATCH XP5 + Wireless Charger EP-N5105 – bookings for the new smartphone (the amount of the reserve, and extends from 5th to 20th of August). Alternatively, you can opt-in to the new Buds, Live, the headset, the wireless on the Samsung, which have been redesigned and now has the active noise cancelation.

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For anyone who is looking at options of productivity in a smartphone, the samsung Galaxy Note, 20, is now more robust. The S-Pen has been once again improved, and now offers the same feeling of writing on a piece of paper. And for those of you who have written hard to understand, there is a functionality that is capable of automatically adjusting to the paper, making it easier for you to read.

In the camera, Samsung has featured a sensor with an auto-focus is super fast, and it is a new tool that allows you to control the ri of the zoom in the video. Tools for professional editing of the video, which has already existed in the previous models come together, with tools that are similar to digital audio editing. One of the new features is that you will be able to capture multiple audio sources at the same time, which is ideal for interview or a podcast that has been done outside of the studio environment.

Another new feature of the Galaxy Note, 20 is called a Point-N-Share program, which allows you to easily share files between devices by simply pointing the device for which you want to send the file to you. This new feature can also be used as a digital key to unlock other devices.

What is distinctive about the line of Galaxy Note from other smartphones is the S Pen, which is still present in Note 20, and has a lot of improvements. Samsung just added 5 new gestures are possible for the stylus, and there are now a total of 11 of them to control the various functions of the mobile device. Samsung Stream also no longer need that wire for it to work, as long as you have a TV with Miracast.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note 20 and Note 20 To the Ultra 5 – The differences

Even though they form part of the same family, the samsung Galaxy, Note 20 and Note 20, Ultra is a smartphone with a lot of differences in the hardware, explaining the great difference in price between the cheaper and the more expensive one is € 450 in the difference. The difference lies in the size of the screen, and the resolution, the size of the battery, amount of RAM and the camera. You can take a look at all of these differences in the specifications table later in this article. About the battery life, the Samsung stresses that with 30 minutes, you can get more than 50% of the load.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-20 – The Release Date in the Uk

With the release of all the patterns and colors of the Galaxy Note, the 20’s are have been confirmed for the 21st of August in the Uk. Again, there is a period of reservation to 15 days (ranging from 5-to 20-August), in which consumers are given two options on offer to ensure your unit is prior to the date of the release.

In respect of available color options, the samsung Galaxy Note 20 to the debut of the new color, “Useless” Samsung”, along with a texture to reduce the marked of the fingers. The device in question 20, will be available in Green, Pink, and Grey in the Dark. Already, the samsung Galaxy Note, 20 Of the Ultra will be available in Dark Grey, hot Pink, and White.

12_galaxynote20ultraseries_note20series_lifestyle_imageThe color of the device in question is 20 and the device in question 20 Of the Ultra.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-20 – prices for Uk

  • Galaxy-Note-20 – 989.9€
  • The Galaxy Note, 20 (5) – 1089.9€
  • The Galaxy Note, A 20-Ultra – (5) – 1339.9€
  • The Galaxy Note, A 20-Ultra – (5) – 1439.9€

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-20 – Specs-official


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