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S- NO DAMAGE? TRISTANA – Plat 1 Smurf | League of Legends


Playing on the Platinum 1 smurf as a result of a tough day of SoloQ a couple of days in the past, I play Tristana.

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  1. To me Huzz when you talk about how you hate AA champs like Tryn and all that, to me that's my basic. Like when you say you're going back to basic just playing something easy and you play Annie, me saying that would be me playing Tryndamere. But that's just me

  2. @HuzzyGames while you are in game you can go to interface -> chat -> mute enemy emotes if you want to turn some off at all times, at least. For some reason it doesn't appear while going to settings while just in the client.

  3. You would be much more enjoyable to watch if 90% of your commentary wasn't negative attitude. Please work on it, we don't care about how bad your team is. You can talk about team decisions without being salty. Just because you don't type in chat doesn't mean you aren't being toxic.

  4. what are people talking about?… NO one needs to be mechanically perfect to win games or to have the right to complain… what is needed to be on plat or higher is BASIC knowledg of LoL and knowing how the basics use you champion, so yeah he made a few mistakes with trist… but his team was tunnel visioned on kills…. and team fighting when trynd was splitting… or pushing waves pointlessly on mid when they coudl´ve splited top and bot (the furthest lanes from each other) when top had an open inhib.. A lot of BASIC rotations that I Would pressume are required to be on plat or higher… I mean I´m unraked and I can see this (I Know in game is a whole different thing) but to this point?? I dont think so… The point is most of the people I´ve seen lately on lol make some decision or simply dont make them that are SUPER BASIC… and none of them involed some zed mechanics or leblacn wombo jumbo shit…. just plain map awareness and rotations 😉 and ROLES, they are SO underestimated greetings from Venezuela man

  5. tbh I dropped Alistar from my support pool after the mini rework since then it seems like its crazy hard for me to land the combo correctly. Never had problems before then though.

  6. What does Targon's do for you? I have seen ADCs take it but I don't know why. Great video, liking the new thumbnails.

    (Thanks for two vids in one day)

  7. “None of the fights happened around me.” That’s because you were rarely with your team. I’m afraid your time at top and jungle have made you used to being on your own. That’s not what adcs should typically do. Also dude. Gotta work on your csing and stop blaming anyone but yourself for poor positioning on your part. I hope you learn to better work with your team. Cheers mate.

  8. I love emotes tbh. Someone accidentally took cannon from me when I had a targon's stack. I flashed the grumpy poppy emote at them, and then they responded by flashing the penguin tipping its hat. Made me laugh

  9. dont think you actually deserve to complain that much about your teammates when you yourself didnt play that well, you may have known what the right calls were but then your positioning was pretty bad this game… and still the only thing you did all game is complain about your teammates mistakes like the trynd not pressing R for instance
    FYI trynd R has a slight delay that can punish you sometimes when you push it to the limit or get bursted instantly so you do have to keep that in mind when playing him

  10. Huzzy, I personally think you'll never reach masters cause of your attitude. A lot of the time you say there's no need for anyone to get tilted cause lol is just a game but NO for a lot of people it's much much more than that, it's a job, hobby, lifestyle whatever there's passion for with those that have hit masters and I don't think you fit that criteria yet.

  11. I used to agree with Huzzy about one-tricks but with the amount of one tricks actually being able to succeed, over the course of this season, it goes against Huzzy's viewpoint. Still love the vids but now I agree to disagree.

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