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RYZE GOT BUFFED! GOOD FOR SOLOQ? – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


So Ryze got a small buff recently so I thought I’d check him out and see if he’s worth playing in SoloQ! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Ryze Mid Gameplay.

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RYZE GOT BUFFED! GOOD FOR SOLOQ? – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. The W start is so you can auto W auto the lane opponent early and get some pressure up. But against a Syndra, using it to thin the wave is fair.

  2. Damn huzz reeeeaaally hates Quinn lol, also can you really call it adc diff if kaisa had to 2v1 for 80% of laning?

  3. What's funny is almost every game of you I watch, I'm checking for the autofilled and I can see weird stuff. Like, autofilled jungler here is adc main, so why not let him adc and put the autofilled adc (who's mid main) jungle ?
    I just don't get how they're doing their autofill stuff, it looks so random.

  4. Kha zicks was good but he left syndra over extending and playing too aggressive for free.

  5. I used to play a lot of Ryze. At the moment if you're allowed to free farm for Seraphs and RoA he does a ton of damage late game. You need to either be in farm match up or get a lot of jungle attention or else you get destroyed in lane. I liked him a lot more when he had his shield and you could actually trade in lane with him.

  6. Wouldnt it be better to take e first to proc mana flow band? Quicker or isnt it that important to take in the first level?

  7. Just gonna say, I've always loved how Huzzy can pick up pretty much any champion at random, it's one of the reasons that originally drove me to his channel so many years ago. Great seeing new stuff man 🙂 good luck with your move

  8. Supports get angry when we can't help vs a fed mid, top or jungler. Unless they are playing no items needed mages like Lux or Brand.

  9. I'd love to see Riot taking a year or so to rework old, outdated champions. I like new stuff but some of the old champions are in desperate need of an rework

  10. It's true! I used to main support but switched to mid/adc because I felt like I couldn't carry games. But when I switched, I found that the person on the team who usually hard trolls and rages is the support

  11. Sucks that thresh basicly threw the whole game by abondoning the adc the entire match preventing them to scale and providing a better stance for the jungle to obtain drags easier for prior.

  12. 26:23 this is what happens when ya dont have a frontline. lol. this is why i despise marksman and mage tops.

  13. 19:51 lol. talkin bout supps being ragey, and here i am just out of a norms game, were i was testing compatability with a supp main, to see if its worth workin on synergy and then going into ranked with them, (i am a adc main), and its our first game together, and a level 2 play goes bad for us, resulting in him dying to enemy supp, and me living, he then proceeds to immediately rage quits the game, and doesnt come back.

  14. This thresh landed like 5 hooks all game. Always sideways like a fiddle or shaco… remember: always be upfront! Specially with a gragas and sett! Peel for ya team

  15. Who is this pengu person? Every single vid he donates so many subs. I wonder how much money he/she has donated in total lol.

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