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Today we’re watching the present Rank 1 participant on EUW in Season 11 to date! They’re a jungler and utilizing Nidalee rather a lot for the climb! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Nidalee Jungle Gameplay.

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  1. Its ok But why should we watch the game when minimap is closed uahaha
    I cant understand Who do the team see, even allies dont appear on the map lol

  2. I would like to see a high rating spectate for Ahri. In higher elos she has been hit quite hard since Glacial items are gone and I'd like to see how they are playing her now.

  3. Can't be bothered to play League of Legends anymore because the game just broken the damage is way too high they need to fix the game I'm not playing the broken game anymore

  4. Comet is semipopular on sion it gives him a better lane since your e lets you hit comet everytime

  5. For some reason, I really thought Huzzy was playing nidalee mid in his placement games. Love the spectates as always!

  6. She's just letting the smite item dots finish the camps. (Edit) and I'm fairly certain she had red smite or red buff for the sion kill.

  7. Huzzy, she can walk away from camps "early" because the jungle item and passive buff gives omnivamp versus monster PLUS burn damage against monsters. ALL junglers can do this, and the best junglers calculate their burn damage and walk away from camps early to minimize time spent on farming and decrease the damage they take from camps. As a bronze player this is part of why I hate jungle off role, high elo Kha'zix players complete their clear with 90% health after their first 5 camps, then there's me, getting 4 camps and ending with 50% health at 3:20. Obviously this makes huge differences in first scuttle fights and gank opportunities.

  8. The Burn damage from Nidalee on champions is probably her trap or maybe redsmite, for jungle monsters it's an effect of the smite upgrade, whenever you damage a monster it deals 60 (+ 30% AP) (+ 5% bonus AD) (+ 2% bonus health) magic damage over 5 seconds and this effect of course also gets absorbed into the smite summoner spell when the item is absorbed. I've seen a lot of high elo junglers leave camps wt around 100hp to let them die from the burn and maximize clearing speed, especially during first clear
    EDIT: just double checked, the lucian kill under tower was from the red smite burn, she smited then and almost killed the Lucian with the aa, and she was pretty confident the red smite burn would do the rest (it burns over 2.5sec)

  9. love your videos, you're my favorite youtuber atm and I'm always happy when I see a new video from you I online. It puts a smile on my face 🙂

  10. keep it up Huzzy! Always love the league content and the positive and non-toxic attitude even more!

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