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RUINING A SONA OTPs DAY WITH BLITZCRANK! – Climb to Master S10 | League of Legends


Hey guys! Today we’re taking part in Blitzcrank! We’re towards a Sona one trick and we make her have a nasty time! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Blitzcrank Support Gameplay.

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RUINING A SONA OTPs DAY WITH BLITZCRANK! – Climb to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. After watching this video, I’m fairly certain that you’re the reason the Blitzcrank gets banned a lot. Kappa

  2. Rylais on Shaco is just pointless, It actually makes me cringe when people buy it. He already applies slows with both damage abilities he has.

  3. You are the man. Watched every video since I found the channel several months ago. Even went back and watched some old content.

  4. Hey huzzy saw on your last video you wanted an element bender and your version didn't sound…bendery to me. SO here's my take:

    Element Bender Champion
    Passive: Hitting enemy champions with basic abilities imbues them with an elemental mark, attunes them to that element, and expunges all previous elemental marks and attunings on that enemy dealing extra damage.
    Q: Fire Darts
    Charges – 2
    Fires a skill shot that doesn't go through enemies, dealing damage and attuning the enemy to fire. Long range but thin line (think Jhin W)
    If the enemy was attuned to water a large portion of their body's fluids are evaporated, dealing extra damage (max hp scaling)
    If the enemy was attuned to earth magma forms around their feet and is left behind, leaving a slowing, burning area for a few secons. (Think Nocturne Q + Shyvana's dragon form W)
    W: Water Blade
    Slashes in a wide area, dealing damage to all enemies and attuning them to water. Short range, but wide aoe.
    If at least one enemy was attuned to Fire creates an aoe explosion as the water blade is superheated and explodes. (Deals about half the damage of the initial W, but is essentially a 2nd cast)
    If at least one enemy was attuned to Earth each enemy hit is rooted for a bit.
    E: Spikefield Leap
    Earth energy courses through the bender, giving it a shield as it dashes a fixed distance. First enemy champion hit takes full damage, others take half, minions only take half. Left behind is a field of spikes, dealing a 3rd of the initial spell's damage the first time an enemy walks through it, but persists a few seconds slowing all enemies. Walking through the field does NOT grant a mark/attunement.
    If the bender hits an enemy attuned to fire with the initial dash the bender gains a larger shield, extra armor and MR, and burns enemies nearby it for a few seconds.
    If the bender hits an enemy attuned to water with the initial dash the bender may dash a second time in a row. This second dash does not grant a shield nor marks/attunements.
    R: Elemental Mastery
    For the last basic ability cast this spell has a different effect.
    Q – Flamethrower
    Deals damage over time in a large line to all enemies and applies an elemental mark (but not attunement) per tick. (think Vel R)
    W – Flowing Shields
    Grants a large shield to the caster and a smaller one to each ally in range. If the shield lasts for at least 2 seconds what's left is doubled and the shield gains another 2 seconds of up time and the character is healed for 15% of their missing HP.
    E – Crushing Walls
    Targets an area, after a short delay large rock walls erupt upwards, knocking up enemies near the edges of the area, crash though dealing damage, then creates impassable terrain for a few seconds.

    Combotastic, has lots of uses, super flashy. Poke, aoe, cc, engage, shields, heals, dashes, terrain control. Feels like the mage version of Aphelios but at a closer range.
    Broken? Probably. Super fuggin' cool? Ya damn right!

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