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2 Lead Riot video game developers claimed Yorick is presently one of the most busted champ with the brand-new runes, today I reach locate what the difficulty has to do with. There will certainly be one more discourse later on today, see to it you examine that out later on!!

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  1. My second page is percision because of alacrity and this is tricky because of triumph or
    coup de gra triumph if your the only tank/bruiser for team fights or coup de gra for damage and you'll be focusing the gates

  2. This is the first Video I have ever seen of yours and I just want to give some constructive criticism. You complain a lot and constantly through your video explain to us the viewers that "I'm going to lose but it's worth to show you (Insert Blank)" Winning isn't what I clicked on this video to see. Yeah you have shown how strong he is but at the end of the day you sound like a super low lvl player. "There's nothing I could do to win" yeah roam man. I've been playing yoric alot lately and even with feeding lanes once you roam people can't stop you. Also Yoric is a split pushing god right now witch you didn't do at all. Maybe you don't know the champ all that great maybe it's the first game you've played with him and that's fine but watching this video has made me not really like you because you've complained constantly and just made you seem like you don't know much at all.

  3. You're trash. Not once did you TP to your bot lane when they are completely over extending, Like UNDER and in between towers, and you're complaining about them Inting? if you played the map you would improve as a player.

  4. Hey Huzz and youtube. I want to ask an off topic question . When did riot games dissabled account transfering ? Why rito dissabled account transefering ? Will they ever get them back into store ? Ty for anserwing already 😉. Btw Huzz your videos is amazing. Keep it up 😎
    Gl & Hf

  5. This happens to me ALL of the time. One can't dodge champion select every time and I am not that good to be able carry 4 other people out of their personal crap-pile consistently. I am not that much better than my teammates, but I can at least pick a good champ for the team comp. Borderline ready to quit League. Send Help.

  6. the only problem playing a good champ is riot usually over nerfs a champ and forgets about them for a year or two so you buy a skin and main a champ and then your game is over because they will make sure yorick is unplayable with how weak he will be after the nerf.

  7. Huzzy, While I do like these videos that show the strength of a champ or whatever, I think doing them on champions that Riot have said they're gonna nerf, while in preseason isn't particularly useful, because it means nothing when it comes to actual rank. I think it would be more useful if you use the champion to show the strength of the new masteries, not so much the numerical strengths but the situations in which it's good.

    That being said, I love these types of videos, and I'd love to see more of these when the season starts up again. While a Phylol video explaining is good, it's certainly useful to get the full in game footage to see something in action.

  8. Hey, I may be out of the loop as of late, but hasn't Riot's mini rework of Galio not so long ago given him very strong AP scaling while nerfing his tankiness? I remember it being crazy strong. Was it nerfed too?
    By the way, loved the video mate. Yorick may be a bit on the strong side ^^

  9. @HuzzyGames Press the attack Leona is AMAZING. I played it a few days ago in a normal and got paired with a draaven against a premade enemy bot. I managed to get draaven a huge snowball lead, he ended up something like 26 and 2. 12% increased damage, with Leos passive is just insane for trades.

  10. Not sure why you are complaining about ap galio so much. In top lane sure I agree its not great. However when the uber buffed his ap ratio's and max health dmg on his q a while back, it absolutely makes sense. he should have just gone ROA into liandries or something bruiserish.

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