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I lastly get to play my previous primary… Zed! I like taking part in this man and wished to check him in preseason! Draktharr feels loopy good on him to assist him dart round teamfights whereas being invisible! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Zed Mid Gameplay.

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  1. huzzy hi i m trying to learn zed and this video is very helpful in possision and in early lvls thanks for the edjucation

  2. Biggest gripe about s11
    CDR changes
    Why in the fuck would you make a tool tip have to be hovered to show you how much cdr you have? Why change it if the game is still going to tell you how much cdr you have when you hover it? Change the values on the items all you want, but having to hover cdr to see how much I have is absolutely asinine.

  3. I think the art and name of items is to cater to those who like the lore and art. I’m a lore nerd so I like how the items look like they belong to a region in runeterra. But I definitely think the switch was an eye strain and overwhelming in the beginning.

  4. i wish at the end of the match when looking at the dmg done, that huzzy went back to the scoreboard to see if the velkoz was raging in chat….XD

  5. would you consider testing out a lucian build with rageblade instead of IE? can't find any content on it and remember on hit lucian being a stronger build before preseason update. does that concept carry over still?

  6. The invisibility thing, to me, doesn't seem like a huge deal. Occasionally it allows for a neat outplay, but most of the time, it's like you say in this video: "Oh look I'm invisible right now". And that's basically all the impact it has.

    Except on Pyke ult resets, but he prefers Prowler's claw!

  7. I’m liking these normal games because it lets you get a handle on the new items without the pressure of hoping your 4 teammates keep their cool in rank

  8. The in is is something most zed mains don’t really want, because good zeds can escape anyway. What they want is for them to make zhonya’s more expensive

  9. Would you be interested in doing an Xayah episode some time? Maybe a challenger spectate or something? I would love your input on her as a champion

  10. I feel like replacing the invisibility on draktharr with a Movement Speed buff would be more effective for assassins and feel less "cheesy".

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