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So we’re off to Korea! We’ve by no means lined Korean gamers in our spectating Challenger collection but it surely’s at all times been requested so let’s give it a go! We’re watching #1 Ranked Korean Player ShowMaker taking part in Lucian Mid. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Lucian Mid Gameplay.

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  1. Yes!! Waited for this such a long time, love you dude. Btw, the cassio is Closer, the 17 year old kid that benched Faker for some games

  2. 4.23 "and cass does run further than voli was expecting" well no shit, she don't even have legs how she running?!

  3. 18:54 As a Korean I would say this is true to some extent, but most high elo korean league players owns a decent gaming rig. Early opens are just a part of league culture here I guess.. there used to be this top Karthus main who would buy 6 tears and sit in his base for the whole game if the enemy jungler ganks top before his jungler does. Its just how things work here.

    After Riot patched tear so people can't buy 6 of them we now buy 6 stopwatches instead.

  4. Big fan of yours and these replays but do have some constructive criticism. You barely mention what this lucian did differently than other lucians you might encounter on the rift. Things like cull or sweeper or certain choices he makes to take over the game/shut down enemy team/control vision. You mainly discussed the pick itself/team comp and what was happening which is fine. I'd just like to see some choices touched on more in depth instead of "he's playing well". The question "Why is he playing well?" is not really answered, imho.

  5. Does he know there’s synonyms for actively cause “actively in active combat “ literally every video he uses it so much

  6. I watch a lot of Korean games lux roaming level 1 pretty standard first blood usually happens before 3 mins in Korean games

  7. Its funny seeing two of your least favorite things in this game, lux support and an adc mid. Love these kinda replays though, love seeing you react to the strength these can have and lucien is a pretty safe adc, a dash and speed up. Still squish though

  8. Boring Champ for a wrong pick in mid and definitely a cheese pick. Not interested in Korean players at all. Too much of a flat stomp bit boring.

  9. I would recommend Gen G Ruler, his mechanics are absolutely insane if you type in ruler kiting on ashe.

  10. Hello! Big fan of your content that's free of toxicity and bullshittery, Huzz. I would like to see another Varus video if you're in the mood to play him. 😀

  11. The crazy thing is shomaker isn't just rank 1 in korean, he has another account that is rank 2….

  12. It's nice watching this video. It's a mind opener for how to play differently. All about the possibilities. Please show more Korean videos.

  13. @Huzzygames watch zed99, rank 1 zed world also hit rank 1 just with zed. If not spectate Pollypuff, she a high elo bard otp in Korea

  14. Personally I view supports differently as in roaming and sticking to the adc. I prefer the roaming supports in my games. They can make a bigger impact across the map and help jungle pull off ganks that might have failed otherwise. but the adc needs to realize they need to play safe and allow the support to get other lanes ahead.

  15. Kr internationally recently is probably the 3rd best region (although maybe debatable depends if you look at average strength or strength of the best teams from that region), and because of this EU and China have an extra team at worlds this year. But its hard to say at the moment as we haven't seen proper international competition since last worlds now.

  16. EU has won a single worlds, in season 1 that's all. The rest were China and Korea, with SKT holding the most wins of any team

    also btw Huzz if you look up a rubric of Korean symbol sounds it is quite easy to pronounce. Each symbol is it's own unique sound. So you just say it the way it looks with the english letter if I'm not mistaken.

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