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PRESS THE R BUTTON! FIDDLESTICKS! – The Champions Climb: Gold | League of Legends


Today we’re watching Fiddlesticks jungle and we’re in Gold this time! Let’s see if there may be any enchancment from the final episode which was in Iron! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Fiddlesticks Jungle Gameplay.

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PRESS THE R BUTTON! FIDDLESTICKS! – The Champions Climb: Gold | League of Legends

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  1. I have a recommendation he said in his Azir one he would do I for each role except jg he is going to do 2 for support I think he should do Alistar it would show when to roam, engage, and he has mechanics Ali is also huzzy best support in my opinion

  2. Yeah I don’t get the Morello buy either. The enemy team doesn’t have any healing to reduce

  3. Ey huzz ,
    I’m a gold lee sin pretty much main
    Would be cool to see one of my games on the champions climb 😀

  4. We had catch up exp in the jungle for a while right? Would something similar to that help the jungle?

  5. I’m going to assume that Udyr was behind early because they are going Tiger stance instead of Phoenix

  6. Felt like this fiddle was gifted the game by the enemy team. Non-existent Udyr on scuttles & herald, weird Annie top pick. I'm probably wrong, but it felt like the iron fiddle had cleaner jungle clears and a more difficult matchup to overcome than this gold fiddle.

  7. I thought the title was meant like 'just press R to win' wasn't quite expecting that haha

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