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Have I discovered the very best new combination in between a rune and also a champ; Predator on Hecarim Jungle. We’re additionally making use of the Hextech Lancer Skin!

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  1. You rly should stop kicking the enemies away from your team with your E! You are fast enough to just run around them and kick them back…except if you wanna stop kata ofc…

    The thing with your jungler item you did recognized yourselfe ^^

  2. Oh and 2 min cd only if you don't bug abuse… Think its sell boots, buy boots, undo, undo and the cd on pred goes away. As far as this game I would of bought mer scimatar or whatever it is call i forget. No one buys it anymore but the one with QS in it. Just for the zoey plus the mr lifesteal ect.. Just seems like it fits, esp if adapt helm is fit in Kats damage goes :p then its just the jhin and 0/5 jace for yah to worry about.

  3. Why do you keep on focusing on how people on your team do? People who are in challenger just play their own game and carry whether their team are doing good or not… Good people don't complain/blame other people for their shortcomings.

  4. i don't think i agree with "if u have so many game u should be D1" cause "u have been D1 with playing so many champs" ..
    maybe the simple answer .. u are good at the game in general and they are not ?
    like yea sure they good at their champs . but maybe their knowledge and decision making not as good ?
    maybe they are overconfident and just go 1v5 and throw the game .
    playing crazy aggro and get punished .

    the thing is .. i guess u are just a better player than them ..

    regardless .. Great video <3 even before i watch (BIG fan) ^ ^keep the AMAZING work up

  5. Came across a 60+ game Zoe. She made my midlander go 0 6 at 15 min lol. In the end when she hit her full combo she did 3 k and bursted me down with 100 mr maokai. It’s a great champ lol

  6. Hey Huzzy, what are your thoughts on ornn? Been playing him lately and I'm never sure if should just auto my brittle opponent or go for the knockup after brittle which leaves me with no escape and usually ends in me getting shit on. Tips?

  7. Yea totally smart for TF to walk anywhere near a level 3 Kat when he got solo killed already, also you didn't smite the crab which probably woulda saved you so who's sleeping? don't go for a fight if your laners don't have priority as a jungler, same with invading.

  8. Does Twitch not have a 30 second delay on streams like YouTube broadcasting? Trolls get so angry when there's lag on their "amazing" commentary. I imagine ghosting would be hard with a delay as well.

  9. When going predator I always, ALWAYS, take ingenious hunter. Just lowers the CD of the item active. In the long run you gain more with it than the MS rune ( in domination page).

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