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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – How to Solo 5-Star Raids


Here’s how to tackle the most difficult Max Raid employers all by yourself.

Pokemon Sword and Shield has to do with capturing ’em all (have a look at our guide right here for even more information). However, there are numerous various other endgame tasks that will certainly maintain you inhabited after that like the raids. Soloing the Dynamax Raids may be several of the most difficult difficulties specifically the 5-Star Raids. So how do you set about doing it all on your lonely?

In Max Raids, you’ll have NPC fitness instructors joining your event to assist, negating the requirement to be frequently on-line. There’s a caution however – their degree is about 70 percent of your own. So the very best choice is to make certain your Pokemon go to degree 100 prior to trying the raid. This will certainly make certain that NPC fitness instructors are their greatest feasible degrees.

5-Star Raids are harder than the ordinary raid due to striking numerous times in a transform and having a 10-turn limitation to beat them. The battle likewise finishes if 4 Pokemon pale so the greater their degrees, the far better. Level up promptly from the Battle Tower or usage Exp Berries and Rare Candy to make the procedure quicker.

Boosting Pokemon statistics with Vitamins is likewise vital however you’ll desire to concentrate on boosting Attack and Special Attack for that greater DPS. Bring Legendary Pokemon like Eternatus (that’s made from finishing the primary tale and concentrates on Max Raid fights) to additional suggestion the abilities in your favour. Held Items are likewise essential for additional enhancing Attack and Special Attack.

Look for the Choice Specs on Spikemuth and Choice Band on Route 2 – these give 50 percent additional Special Attack and 50 percent additional Attack specifically. Use Choice Specs on Eternatus and the Choice Band on your following effective Pokemon and you’re excellent to go.

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