Pokemon Go promotional codes


Pokémon Go is a fantastic game whose popularity is monstrous, since it is the first videogame for masses that uses virtual reality . This new entertainment has some tricks that many of its users do not know, such as Pokémon Go promotional codes. This way players can get the most out of the game. You can enjoy it on any Android or iOS device.

What are they for?

These codes were created by Niantic in May 2018 and serve to unlock objects in the game. Some objects can be Bait Modules, Pokéballs, Lucky Eggs, and so on. You can also exchange them for pokémonedas or items to customize your avatar, among others.

You can get it in an easy and fun way

These codes can be obtained in space events and have no cost. You can also achieve promotional codes solving challenges or intervening in promotions. They appear in a surprising way.

For this reason, in order to take advantage of them, players must pay close attention. Players who have stopped playing receive promotional codes as a gift (lucky eggs or incubators).

There are the latest promo codes list available so you can make your exchanges, you just have to look for them. Among them are Pikachu, Squirtle and Wigglytuff.

How to make the exchange of Pokémon Go promotional codes?

The exchanges can be made in a very easy way and when each user finds it convenient. Next, the steps to make the exchange:

  • Enter the “Main Menu” in the map view.
  • Select the “Store”.
  • Proceed to enter the code in the lower part of the screen.
  • When the code is verified as correct, click on “Redeem”.
  • Finally, a notification will show you the released objects and add them to your inventory.

One of the objectives pursued by Niantic with this novelty is to maintain the interest of users. In short, avoid falling into boredom and keep playing without being discouraged. Find Pokémon Go promotional codes is something similar to the search for coupons in magazines or in some product packaging, it is just a matter of giving yourself the task of finding them.




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