PlayStation VR Is The Bestselling VR Headset of This Year, Says SuperData


Sony appears to be the king of a burgeoning market segment.

Sony’s excellent support for the PlayStation VR, which includes games such as Astro Bot, appears to have begun to pay off for them. SuperData reports in a tweet that the PlayStation VR was the best selling VR headset worldwide for 2018, with 1.3 million units shipped.

It beats out the Oculus Go, which came in second with 1.1 million, and Samsung Gear VR, which came in third with 600,000 units sold. These numbers do illustrate one thing—while the PlayStation VR is leading this market segment, the market segment isn’t too large to begin with, if the market leader has managed to sell less all year than a niche game like Xenoblade 2 has managed to do.

However, as noted above, there have been some great games released for the system in the last few months, and hopefully they will begin to spur on adoption for the headset at an accelerated pace in the coming months. Whether that means that PlayStation VR is the market leader of a great, lucrative market or not remains to be seen.