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PlayStation 5 Official Console Reveal | PS5 Reveal Event


Check out the first official look at the new PlayStation 5 console in all of its glory.

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  1. So is there going to be a price difference without the disc drive and with the disc drive has I almost never use this anymore the only time I even get a disc if there's a limited edition or collector's edition that has something cool with it and that's like more in a thousand

  2. this dont look practical. Looked like them fake renders you see now and then …

  3. Looks like an Alienware computer, and i don't mean that as a compliment. Nor an insult.

  4. Sony did you learn nothing from the PS3 and PS4???? Please don't use glossy black plastics on your consoles. lol
    Also I better be able to sit it down flat so it fits under my TV stand. XD

  5. So it has to be kept vertical? That's going to be a nightmare keeping my toddler away from it lol

  6. I wonder if they'll produce color-coded versions for those who aren't too big on white.

  7. OK that intro was ps3 levels of acid (seriously you guys remember the ps3 ads that shit was wack)

  8. Looks cool. Almost looks like a Alienware cpu. The reveal was slick as hell, loved the beat drop.

  9. Looks cool, but really inconvenient. With Xbox you can put it on the side and out stuff in top of it, with this I will have to re arrange my set up

  10. I don't like the desing but it beat a square looking box tho, I will buy it but it better comes in black I don't like the white in it, looks like a reverse oreo

  11. Let me just throw away my new controller because this wasn’t perfect timing

  12. I wonder playing claw on this controller be harder than original ps4 controller 🤔 looks amazing thou

  13. The only thing that i can think about is why does it have a popped collar… Not going to sleep tonight thinking about this.

  14. Please tell me that this will play older system games and make the graphics look more updated. That would be awesome

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