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PLAYING WITH 100% WIN RATE DUO? – Climb to Masters | League of Legends


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We’re again on the Main account! Today taking part in Warwick Jungle, let me know you are excited for predominant account content material to resume by throwing a like on the video! Skip Champ Select: 1:33
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  1. Uhm, people link opggs for a reason. On the server where I play, people rarely if ever let anyone have their role, so what I do when I want to get adc i ask nicely and give people a link to my 80 to 100 percent winrates adcc.

  2. Watching this in December 2017, but nevermind 🙂 I'm planning to get more hours in my current job because I will (as I hope) have finished some school responsibilities. Or get another part-time job. I want to get some experiences 🙂

  3. Summer almost over but I guess just have fun 🙂 Going to an amusement park in a few days :3
    Thank you for this awesome Warwick game, I think I pretty much got the champion now, all that is left to do is become a better league player and a better jungler :))

  4. Hey Huzz, made it to the end, so here's my plans for the summer:

    Go to Philadelphia PA to help do maintenance work on a private academy (done)
    Dig out the weed trees in my yard (incomplete)
    Play a game of hide-and-seek with my nieces (done)
    Watch Rift Rivals (incomplete)
    Catch every episode of Climb to Master (incomplete)
    Beat XCOM2 (incomplete)

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