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PLAYING SMART ON ANNIE! – Season 10 Climb to Master | League of Legends


Welcome again to Climb to Master, at the moment we’re doing a PoV commentary of a recreation I performed a number of nights in the past and we’re in opposition to an Aurelion Sol and Lee Sin duo, we get ganked fairly a bit. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Annie Mid Gameplay.

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JUST PLAY ANNIE! – Season 10 Climb to Master | League of Legends

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  1. The reason why I stopped playing this game is because of the toxic community.
    And I had the feeling that people close to the development team play this game and irrationally ban players at their own advantage.
    Disabling the chat was an option but the fight started from the hero selection and to what position to play.

  2. Playing champions outside their main role is super fun. If they happen to be strong at it, even better. It's not sad nor desperate. Playing raka top is fun. So is playing blitz in mid. The one is strong atm, the other isn't. Remember that it's just a game after all. With your logic, everyone who plays Sett top is desperate for LP, as he's OP. But that's not the case. People should learn to play against them, or ban them. No need to get salty about it.

  3. 6:13 That's why if I do go jungle as a support main, I try to go Nautilus just because I know his kit & mechanics very well
    There really should be more supports that can clear jungle tho. There's more marksmans that can do it, which to me feels like pure insanity.

  4. I’m a soraka onetrick and I actually did not abuse the overpowerdness of soraka top. Only tried it in normals and oh man it was good. But yeah I don’t like the fact that it was so overpowered so I didn’t even play it myself

  5. I agree it's sad how bad people care about LP. My friend today asked why I don't play champs like Fizz, Diana, Darius, Orn when they're broken and I said I don't like playing champions that are dumb broken and easy to play. He thought I was stupid for that, but winning with cheese picks isn't even rewarding. Like I'd rather be diamond for life than get masters etc playing broken boring stuff and being a meta slave.

  6. You are aware power wise as soon as you hit 90 ap or there abouts deathcap is a better item then spell binder powerwise.
    So around 80 ap they around even, spell binder wins just about with its stacking active since death caps costs more gold, but since it takes long to stack it's not that much better.
    Over 80 ap Deathcap just does waaaay more raw damage, since you were at 105 ap after 1st item 105+120=225
    +40% deathcap passive gives you + 90 ap.
    Spellbinder is 225 without active, and only plus 80 with active.
    Just thought that was interesting.

  7. I only play ARAM, but the duo comment still rang true. I've played with one guy for years now. No comms, no writing (aside from small things like gj, n1, those kinda small pep quips), barely any pinging even. But I know that he's a skilled player with an aggressive playstyle, who likes assassins. I generally try to get supports, tanks, ADC's and long range mages, anything that has a more controlled playstyle in general, so it works out just fine. The trust factor here is that I know that he likes to go in even at the slimmest chances he sees for a kill, and he knows that I'm a calm player who keeps a close eye on him and am fast to react to my team's actions, whether they be good or bad. There've been so many situations where he has jumped in at a seemingly random time, and if it was any other player I'd maybe think of the situation twice before making my decision. But because it's them, I know that there's a chance that we'll somehow pull through. Of course there have been many games where we have lost due to me prioritizing him over others, but that's still a bit rarer than us both just doing our own things on the bridge. It sometimes feels like a martial arts movie, where we just sometimes run past each other, maybe slap a high five and move on to focus our next chosen target, or duke it out with our backs against each other.

  8. Annie is by far my second most favorite mid lane in the game. It's so satisfying getting that flash Tibbers off.

    Also she is the only champ that I actually roam a lot as for some reason.

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