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Phil Spencer Suggests Xbox One Game Pad Compatibility With Xbox Scarlett


Xbox controllers have actually can be found in numerous forms as well as types as well as Microsoft is mosting likely to proceed doing that. We have actually seen plans of a controller with braille markings on it for a Xbox console arise. But the most significant trouble that we have actually had with every one of these controllers is that as soon as the future generation of gaming consoles is out, the controllers, despite exactly how restricted version they may be, come to be of no usage.  Phil Spencer is thinking about an option for this, that will certainly be carried out on Xbox Scarlett.

In a meeting with Gamespot, Phil Spencer had this to state.

Another point that will certainly be a little brand-new for us is the truth that we wish to likewise value the compatibility of the controllers that you currently have. This generation, we brought out the Elite controller, we’ve done work with controllers as well as individuals have actually purchased customized controllers, things that they like as well as we wish to make those suitable with future generations of our console also. So actually, things that you’ve purchased from us, whether the video games or the controllers that you’re utilizing, we wish to see to it those are future suitable with the greatest integrity variation of our console, which during that time will clearly be the one we’ve simply released.

This suggests that after Xbox Scarlett launches, there’s an opportunity that you can utilize your Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller on Xbox Scarlett. This would absolutely lower the expense of video gaming, as old equipment can be made use of for brand-new gaming consoles.

He likewise spoke about cross gen play as well as exactly how backwards compatibility was something that had actually obtained a great deal of favorable comments.

We actually like the function as well as the usage that we’ve translucented the [Xbox One backwards compatibility] program. Making certain that all 4 generations of web content–so the initial Xbox video games that work on your Xbox One today, the OG Xbox; the 360 video games that work on your Xbox One; your Xbox One video games; as well as the brand-new generation video games–all work on the following system is essential to us. We wish to value the video games that you’ve purchased from us. We wish to see to it that the generations can have fun with each various other, so if you take place to take on the future generation very early as well as someone remains back, that if their video games get on both systems, you’ll have the ability to cross-gen play.

He didn’t introduce a launch day though so we will certainly need to wait on that.

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