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Phantasy Star Online 2 – New Genesis Expansion Trailer


Explore a new open world and fight against new threats in a new expansion coming to Phantasy Star Online 2.

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  1. So SEGA did it again, they took a Phantasy Star Game that is exclusive for PS4 and Switch in Japan and made it an X-Box exclusive in the US. Over ten years ago SEGA announced PS Nova for the west and then cancelled it. Well I am now boycotting SEGA.

  2. that a nice lil info in the Trailer you can see the Mini and Normal boss's name and Element Weakness, The Rockbear Like Mini boss called Nagrus, and the Large Sword boss that like Elder is Called Didal Sword , both are Weak to Ice/Barat element's, Didal Sword reminds me of Pso v1's Delsaber

  3. If they were overhauling this, unsure why they didn't wait to launch. Kind of an odd rollout. Looks fun though.

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