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Persona 5 Strikers Kuon Ichinose Boss Guide


Kuon Ichinose is the sixth boss you’ll encounter in Persona 5 Strikers. She’s the creator of the Emma utility and has programmed her to information humanity to the “Promise Land.” This Persona 5 Strikers Kuon Ichinose Boss information offers you detailed data on how one can defeat The Accomplice of EMMA Jail Monarch in Persona 5 Strikers.

Persona 5 Strikers Kuon Ichinose Boss

The Kuon Ichinose Boss battle in P5 Strikers is damaged down into two components. You will face Kuon Ichinose Jail Monarch in Persona 5 Strikers in Jail of the Abyss.

In the primary a part of The Accomplice of EMMA boss battle, a number of shadows will probably be despatched to assault you and you have to take them out.

The second half is the true deal because it introduces the Phantom Thieves to Hecatoncheires. Just remember the fact that to face the enemies, you’ll have to be at stage 65 or above.

Berserk Sophie

Before going through the shadows and Hecatoncheires, you interact in a scripted battle with Sophie. It’s really useful to choose any of your celebration members for this battle.

Once chosen, use Curse assaults since Sophie is weak in the direction of these assaults after which comply with it up through the use of Normal assaults. Since this can be a scripted battle, reducing Sophie’s total HP isn’t needed.

Once the battle is over, a cutscene is triggered and also you’re introduced again to the Jail of the Abyss, the place you put together to battle the wave of shadows and Hecatoncheires

Hundred-Armed Watcher Hecatoncheires

Defeat the wave of Shadows utilizing Ailment-centric members of your crew similar to: Joker, Panther, Fox and Noir, then head into the primary boss battle.

Hecatoncheires is an odd-looking boss with many arms. This boss possesses a handful of abilities similar to:

  • Swift Strike
  • Tarukaja
  • Endure
  • Triple Down
  • Attack Master

With Swift Strike, Hecatoncheires causes heavy injury in an open vary. Using Tarukaya, the boss can improve an ally’s assaults for a specific time-frame. With Endure, he survives deadly strikes with 1 HP left. Triple Down permits him to trigger heavy Light gun injury in an open vary.

Lastly, utilizing Attack Master, he prompts Tarukaya at first of the battle.

The finest crew you possibly can choose for the boss battle is: Joker, Panther, Noir and Sophia. Before the battle, make certain to seize some helpful HP/SP restoration objects. These objects will be cooked at Joker’s kitchen.

Now, let’s head into the battle. The very first thing you need to do is hit a number of debuffs to Hecatoncheires. Debuffs similar to; Tarunda or Matarunda,  Rakunda or Marakunda, Sukunda or Masukunda. These debuffs are utilized by Joker and Panther.

Follow up the debuffs by casting Buffs similar to; Tarukaja or Matarukaja, Rakukaja or Marakukaja, Sukukaja or Masukukaja. These buffs are utilized by Joker and Noir.

Use Sophia and Joker for the final part of the battle to make use of Bless Attacks as Hecatoncheires is weak in the direction of these sorts of assaults.

With the assistance of Joker, preserve the boss busy whereas Sophia tunes her place. Once carried out, change Sophia’s route to the boss and use the bless assault to chop an enormous chunk of the boss’s well being.

Once the boss is down, use an All-Out Attack. Repeat this technique till the boss is on his knees. At this level, finish the battle with a lethal combo.

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