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OVERPOWERED DAMAGE FOR A TANK? ORNN! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Today we’re taking part in Ornn and I’ve not performed this champion for over 2 YEARS! I do know he is fairly sturdy proper now however I did not realise that he does this a lot harm… for a tank I might even name it overpowered. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Ornn Top Gameplay.

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OVERPOWERED DAMAGE FOR A TANK? ORNN! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. BTW Huzzy Quick Tip for Ornn:
    You can do some animation cancelling for the goat like Q+W and Q+W+E. However, for q+w+e, press e after the animation of the bellow's breath last tick finishes (this looks like when ornn is doing a headbang) for an optimal all-in/gank setup.

  2. I really wish they would normalize the cost effectiveness on upgrades. Redemption gives like 800g compared to Sunfire and Abyssal ~1600 gold, with neither of the stats being regen

  3. Senna is just very hard in terms of managing her agrro (she is oppressive) and positioning
    She is still an ad carry, thats just a little more slippery than an ashe

    p.s. i dont believe high damage pure tanks are in any way healthy or balanced for the game

  4. After Huzz started in Bronze 2 like me, I decided I wanted to try and keep up with him on the climb (at least until gold 4). I got Silver 3 last night, and he just skipped it. So I guess it’s gonna be a long night for me tonight XD

  5. hey huzz, just incase you didnt know orn will upgrade 2 of the same item if you have 2 of them. so going double sunfire cape is disgusting against AD comps. you can have like 400 armour and 3.5k HP with 2 sunfire and a tabby post level 12

  6. Well when it comes to grasp caitlyn they usually take fleet footwork anyways so shes not really losing carry potential, if anything itll increase it as grasp also gives healing, it gives damage (which fleet doesnt) and it gives her free hp to be a little bit tankier. Shes probably the only one that can do it as she can proc it very easily with her range, dont go doing this on other fleet adcs.

  7. Ooh, I love Ornn. I think someone made the calculations, his full combo with Ult deals about 70% HP damage from W and the Passive procs.
    Before mitigation, obviously, but it's still a lot of reliable damage for a tank.

  8. Yes, ornn is strong. Yes, ornn can win lane. Yes, ornn is fun. No, i wont play him – because im not into engaging and being left alone by my team.

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