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ONE SHOT TIME! ANNIE! – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends


Welcome to Season 11 Annie we’re towards a Twisted Fate who’s constructed for roams. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Annie Mid Gameplay.

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ONE SHOT TIME! ANNIE! – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends

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  1. You can play whats champs you want.. for me i enjoy the conversations and the chill on the channel:D

  2. You do make me play certain champs, in fact I choose what I want to play after watching you play

  3. imma wait and see if people turn into fallout ghouls first, and then decide if the vacine is safe XD

  4. Loving the try hard content Huzz just wish you would focus a bit more on farming considering that has historically been and still is one of your biggest weaknesses

  5. one shot with an amp tome. I just, for the life of me can not get a feel for damage calculation this season. I'm just like can it kill me? "meh, probably." Run. gg huzz. have a good day.

  6. I don’t disagree but just saying that you shouldn’t give law suits as main argument as they have been given legal immunity

  7. I don’t understand why people dislike you posting videos playing some of the same champs?

  8. Great Annie game. Keep up the good work and just play whatever you want it is you who is playing and you should play anything you like

  9. i dont care wtf you play even if you wanna one trick i watch for you so i can learn the game better, not the champ you are playing

  10. keep going huzz the cotnet is great, i love watching simlar champs as well as varied, really i'll just watch whatever you oput out 😛

  11. Huzzy you can play whatever you want, I just want to see you happy and doing well in this game

  12. I'm cool with reducing your champion pool if that's what it takes you to climb, cus i wanna see you hit the rank you want this season more than anything

  13. What is your thought on Riccardo going to McLaren ? I am way to excited for the new season! Keep it up huzzy

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