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We’re persevering with to interrupt the meta, right this moment enjoying Bard prime lane utilizing the on hit construct. We’re towards Vladimir.

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  1. as a bard player, u had a great amount of chimes. i usually go initial strike bard support myself though. then again i was doing that since he came out XD. i'm curious how a Braum top might do though.

  2. And yes Farming is the hardest thing to do with bard, his weak aa after meeps spent, which causes damage high and low. If that wasn't bad enough, you gotta collect those chimes tobe strong. Its very hard to manage and do well. Hence why i believe he's not a laner.

  3. You had a great start. I kinda trolled my ello in ranked with bard Yesterday. Actually really proud of myself, not sure how I did it with no ganks. However I beat quinn in lane, 2 kills 30 cs tower, no deaths. I know it wasn't all me, but I still don't really understand how a Quinn can lose to bard. I mean he's really weak early. Think I was using Aery, leaning away from AS because early meeps are low numbers. Glad you had a fun time though.

  4. Speaking of Phy, it would be really cool if you did stuff with other YouTubers like Phy, Pants, Redmercy, etc. You could just do normal games, or 1v1s or whatever but it would be cool and it would probably boost your views I would think.

  5. Hey Huz, dont know whether you would see this but:why not try climbing onnyour main eithout commentary but then on your other accounts provide commentary? Viewers would get the best of both then 🙂

  6. LoL is no longer the top game in the world, hell any info on LoL playerbase is years old. There is a reason why everyday you go on YouTube you see at least 5 different LoL ads. The most recent worlds idk of it's still happening is one of the least viewed and hyped I heard.

  7. Huzzy, could I suggest that you add some noise normalization please?
    In your recent videos it seems like a few times you've gotten quite loud briefly. Kind of hurts, and startling.

    Great work btw. I love how consistent you are.

  8. Great game commentary! Just a couple constructive suggestion! try to pick up the chimes "only" on the way back to lane, during roams, or escapes if you are really pushed up in the lane. So that the movement speed actually has a purpose! Also, unless you really have spare time, or really need it for mana issues only pick up chimes if they allow you to complete the "set" you are currently in (you get bonuses every set of 5 chimes you pick up). 😀 Keep up the great work mate!

  9. I have a question Huzzy, let’s say next season you got in to your Masters promos instead of commentating why don't you do a replay analysis, so while you do your Masters promos you don't have to commentate while you play and you’ll have %100 concentration.

  10. Hey Huzzy,
    1. Nice Video
    2. Translation:
    Azir (talking to your adc as we find out later): "Man, why aren't you streaming right now?"
    Draven (messed up the order of words in his sentence, the "maybe" is in a wrong position): Either "Maybe because he (referring to the adc/his stream, yes in german he is the correct pronoun for both ;D) is bad." or "Because he/it might be bad."

    Azir: "I follow him on twitch" (finally clearifying that he is talking to Pferdekuh, the adc. The nickname translate to Horse-cow btw, whatever that is :D)

    Alistar: "That's a joke./Are you kidding me?"
    Zed (spelled the german word for "yet" "noch" wrong, but I think he means "noch" not "nog": "No man, I don't want to go yet." (Seems random to you? Yeah, I don't get it either. Might be an insider of the adcs channel or he is referring to the game. Or both #Huzzycannon)
    Alistar: "How is this happening over and over again?"
    Xayah: "I'll gift you the win."
    … (around 5:29/8:21)
    Xayah: "I have 3 followers"
    Xayah: "And I met two of them randomly in the last two days."
    … (around 8:17/11:12)
    Xayah: "Follow me [on twitch pls]"
    Xayah: "Thanks."
    Xayah: "I stream two times a year."

    Then they start talking in english again, if I missed something you can ask me if you're interested 🙂

    Have a nice day 🙂

  11. Love how people kept saying "report for no gank , report for losing lane .. etc" .
    but there is no such thing as that , cause that is just a bad game or not so good player , and it's ok we all learning .
    but flaming and raging is a reportable thing . lol

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