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OK… SETT SUPPORT IS ACTUALLY INSANE! – Fill to Diamond | League of Legends


Hey guys! Today we’re enjoying Sett Support! I’ve seen a bunch of individuals play it and thought let’s give it a go… it seems it is really a little bit bit insane! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Sett Support Gameplay.

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  1. Teemo actually played it quite well at top. Yorick can crush Teemo in lane since he doesn't care about his blind as much as other melee champions. The ghouls can really do a number on Teemo. Plus, that Yorick was an OTP. I'm surprised that Teemo held him off enough until the ganks started happening.

  2. 14:29
    Couldn't say it better. People don't understand these situations and start pinging you even after you fed your adc, and sacrificed yourself 2/3 times.. :/

  3. I remember watching Sett on release and I was convinced he'd eventually become a niche pick, good into certain compositions and matchups because he was kiteable.

    Now he's literally played in 4 roles all with different playstyles. His kit just has so much effective stuff in it.

  4. Sett –> damage items… impling J.Jonah laught Sett don't need damage to deal dmg, I am pretty sure you could have soloed the Yoric.

  5. Percent health on q and r, true damage on w, cc on e and r, and build super tanky with fat shield on w for tanking more. WHy dO yUo LIkE sEtT supPorT bUT NoT otHer UNconveNtioNAL SUPPortS

  6. They just need to nerf Sett,The champ can literally play any role,has no skill shots,no mana,insane dps and tankiness as well as true damage.He’s broken by definition

  7. i really love the games where youre having fun. When you laugh we laugh too so it just makes it all that more enjoyable

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