Nioh 2 Darkness in The Capital White Tiger Boss Guide


Nioh 2’s Darkness in the Capital DLC brings forth some powerful foes so that you can sort out. In this Nioh 2 White Tiger Boss Fight Guide, we’ll be displaying you the mandatory strikes you could grasp in order to outwit the White Tiger and emerge victorious in this battle.

Nioh 2 White Tiger Boss

As you proceed to pursue Ashiya Doman, he turns round and assaults Nekomata along with his corrupted energy to own him and convert him right into a vicious corrupted beast that seeks your blood.

The combat in opposition to the White Tiger is generally simple. The assaults are fairly straight-forward, and also you shouldn’t have that unhealthy of a time so long as you well timed dodge its assaults. Stick shut and slash away!

Utilize its Weaknesses
The preliminary strategy whereas combating the White Tiger, is to make use of the Sloth Talisman to lower its motion velocity, and provide the edge in phrases of motion a bit of.

The second talisman that may provide help to in this combat is the Weakness Talisman, which can scale back the White Tiger’s defenses by fairly a bit.

Get Around the Little Kitty
Our technique for bigger bosses stays the identical, and since Nekomata’s move-set consists of upfront assaults which might be aimed immediately at you, we’ll be taking each opening we get.

When Nekomata assaults you, you’ll have the ability to transfer in for a small window of alternative as you begin attacking it from the edges.

By consistently repeating this technique, you’ll have the ability to take out a major quantity of well being pool of the Protector of the West.

Stick Close to the Cat
Like the entire bigger enemies, one of the best technique could be to at all times stick near the edges of the boss.

Doing so, you’ll have the ability to routinely dodge most of their assaults. Whenever you get the prospect, hug the White Tiger, so you’ll be able to keep out of its attain.

However, be careful for the tail stomp, and different AoE assaults which will injury you.

Stay Away From the Back!
Mr. Buttons takes it reasonably poorly once you determine to go behind to its tail, and can instantly attempt to stomp you with its tail.

Try to maintain your self to the edges of the White Tiger or the entrance. If at any level, you end up on the again, get able to dodge an incoming tail smash!

With the White Tiger in Darkness in The Capital DLC defeated, declare its soul core in your utilization.

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