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Nioh 2 Boundless Chaos Walkthrough


There is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2 known as Boundless Chaos. You can play this mission after you full the Palace of the Damned. This Nioh 2 Boundless Chaos Walkthrough will take you thru this mission present in Darkness within the Capital DLC.

You need to count on each human and yokai enemies on this mission. You shall be investigating the capital and stopping a mysterious determine.

Apart from this, you can be accompanied by a capital’s guardian referred to as Urabe no Suetake.

Nioh 2 Boundless Chaos

As this Darkness within the Capital DLC mission begins, Urabe no Suetake, will meet you and be a part of your organization as a companion for the Boundless Chaos mission.

As you begin to transfer down the slope, you’ll face many Dwellers and quite a lot of new yokai Hellish Hag, in addition to some corpses you could rob to seek out Raishodo.

Now begin to marvel and commenced to discover the world. Throughout, you can be discovering enemies.

You can kill all of them or simply merely run; that’s fully as much as you. Also, to get the Red Spider Lily, plunder the corpse that was being consumed by the Hellish Hag.

After you’re completed clearing the primary part, begin heading east, and you’ll see a really slender pathway resulting in some wood beams.

Walk to the small platforms, destroy the yokai roaming just like the Gaki and plunder the close by corpses.

On the middle a part of the wood beam, there’s additionally the Scampuss. The Great Kanemitsu, Hornthrust Bow, Eccentric’s Cuirass, and Mataza’s Waistguard all have a big chest close by.

In the yokai mist, above the large chest, is the Underworld Soldier. Defeat all of them and loot all of the chests.

If you’ve got managed to get all of the gadgets from the broad chest and killed the Underworld Soldier, you’ll return to the wood beam and scout the sector under utilizing the excessive floor.

You ought to destroy the Yokai Dweller, who’s inside the darkish world.

Make positive that earlier than you hop right down to battle the Onyudo and Kiryoki, you’ve got efficiently destroyed all of the dwellers first, as killing them will dispel the darkish world.

You can see a giant chest on the nook of the steps on the left you could open as a result of the darkish world has vanished.

You will see a staircase going up; use it and head up. Go left and kill the shoji on the best to find one other Scampuss.

Go across the hallway after catching the Scampuss, and also you’ll discover a corpse you may loot and lightweight the altar within the center.

Move again outdoors and exit of the large crystal to the north. Next, proceed to the designated place the place alongside the way in which, you may meet a number of yokai.

You will lastly hit the marked vacation spot the place you’ll battle a gauntlet of yokai.

The battle will start with two Warrior Skeleton and an Underworld Soldier who’re going to the primary yokai that can floor. The subsequent enemy to seem is a Hellish Hag with a pair of Gaki.

The subsequent class could be a few Oni-bi, adopted by two Wheelmonk, after which Oboroguruma.

The gauntlet will end by you beating the Oborogurum, and it is possible for you to to achieve the temple forward of you.

Go in, open the gate and speak to the man outdoors and there it’s, the top of the Darkness within the Capital Boundless Chaos mission.

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