Nintendo Fans Celebrate 26 Years of Super Game Boy


In June of 1994, Nintendo introduced the Super Game Boy peripheral for the Super Nintendo. It was a unique concept: Super Nintendo owners could buy a cartridge that allowed users to play their Game Boy games on the TV through the Super Nintendo. For those without a Game Boy, it was a way to enjoy what the handheld had to offer, but for those who did own the portable system, it gave them the chance to play the same games on the go and at home, decades before the Nintendo Switch. It might not seem as special today, but for gamers of the time, it was a mind-blowing concept. As such, the peripheral still holds a special place in the hearts of many Nintendo fans!

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Keep reading to find out what fans are saying about the 26th anniversary of the Super Game Boy!

The peripheral was a huge deal, back then.


Some game got enhancements when played on Super Game Boy. Look at those colors!


It even got a “sequel” in Japan.


We might not have the Nintendo Switch without it.


Gamers today are spoiled.


To be fair, the balance board was cool, too.


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