Ninja Has Surpassed 1 Million Subs on Mixer

Ninja Has Surpassed 1 Million Subs on Mixer


Ninja’s move from Twitch to Mixer definitely shook up the landscape of Fortnite streaming and Ninja has hit another milestone by reaching 1 million subscribers on Mixer. What does this accolade mean for Ninja, Fortnite and other streamers moving forward?

Ninja has definitely had a very interesting few weeks since Fortnite Season 10 began and after the World Cup concluded as he made a huge move from Twitch to Mixer and has already reached an awesome accolade.

His channel, which primarily features Fortnite gameplay, has already reached 1 million subscribers after a little over a week and he has absolutely taken over the Fortnite platform on Mixer.

Part of this success comes from the fact that Mixer users can subscribe to Ninja for free through September 30 which gives them one month of free access after they subscribe, so expect his numbers to drop after October 30 if some users choose to not renew their sub.

This accolade has also overshadowed some drama Ninja had to deal with regarding Twitch users throwing shade and jabs at Ninja with some calling him a “sellout” among other things. He had this to say regarding the incident before he reached 1 million on Mixer.

This problem absolutely resulted in some debate and also Ninja finished all of it after mentioning this on Twitter.

His one million customers on Mixer is much was worthy of and also ought to absolutely be attributed far more than it is. Tfue and also Bugha have actually been the fastest expanding networks on Twitch throughout a couple of weeks yet Ninja surpassed both of them on his system, albeit under various conditions, yet obtaining one million individuals to register for your network on an all new system in simply over a week is really excellent and also ought to be praised.

Whenever you assume Ninja has done it all, he shocks every person and also surpasses his assumptions. His transfer to Mixer certainly was stunning yet versus mayhem surrounding Twitch dramatization and also the action transforming his design of play, he in some way takes care of to please his target market and also remain to make Fortnite the very best streaming video game throughout all systems.

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