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NINJA DOMINATES IN FORTNITE TWITCH RIVALS – Glitchcon Highlights W/ Reverse2k & Morgausse


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  1. اين هو الدعم انا لا اراه🌚

  2. and then when your skin is in the item shop can you gift it to me like everything that comes with your skin like pickaxe and backbling epic noooob50

  3. I love your skin and backbling and pickaxe everything but since its not in the item shop im going to have to ask if you could gift me the lachlan bundle pleaseeee

  4. Who else is early
    Also everyone we are all going threw a ruff time I just lost my grandpa we can do this together 🙏❤️💖💓

  5. What happened bro? Why aren't you getting millions of views just like before? I hope you will again rock the whole community with your content. Best Wishes.

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