New Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games Include The Darkness, Duke Nukem, XCOM


Three new Xbox One backwards compatible games have been added to the service according to Larry Hryb, adding three new games. This time around it includes The Darkness, Duke Nukem Forever, and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, in a wide variety of shooter games from a number of popular legacy titles.

This time around the games added to the program are rather out of place, especially since backwards compatibility normally comes for cult classics or well-regarded legacy games. However, this time around The Darkness and XCOM Declassified, while not quite popular, were still fairly good enough to be successes. Duke Nukem Forever, however had the opposite issue.

Previously the butt of jokes along the lines of Half Life 3 in that it was years and years before it ever came out at all, Duke Nukem Forever finally released during a black period for Gearbox Studios, who had acquired the license to make the game, and was released to critical thrashing and was only barely profitable for the company due to crude and offensive humor, bad graphics, poor gameplay, and more.

While some people might not be able to quite see how and why Duke Nukem Forever is part of this brace of new Xbox One backwards compatible games, it’s likely that it was at least popular enough that it can get at least a few players from Duke Nukem fans that might have missed it, or actually liked it. Or for curiosity’s sake so people can see how bad it was.

Players who are familiar with XCOM however might have more enjoyment with The Bureau, which tells the early story of the XCOM project back in the 50s when aliens first attempted to invade the planet. And if you want to play a gun-slinging mobster version of Venom, The Darkness is definitely something that’ll give you a good time.

So, if any of these new Xbox One backwards compatible games interest you, you can get them on the console right now.