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NEW JUNGLE OPTIONS! LET'S GO! – Patch Note Breakdown | League of Legends


So Patch Note 10.four is reside and the principle factor I’m excited for is new jungle choices, no new champions however Riot is rebalancing some champions to permit them to jungle viably… Darius & Zed are amongst these! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Patch Note Breakdown.

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NEW JUNGLE OPTIONS! LET’S GO! – Patch Note Breakdown | League of Legends

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  1. The Gnar movement speed change doesn't effect mini-gnar at all. It gives Mega-Gnar 10 more MS, and Mini-Gnar has the same MS as before the change at all levels.

  2. I dont play sona or soraka. But i kinda feel bad for soraka and sona support players. All these sudden nerfs and weaker survivability when their adc is dead because some folks took them top lane. Feels bad for them imo. This is karma all over again XD

  3. I was a bit put off by the jungle changes but honestly jungle Gnar and Mordekaiser seem really exciting to play in my opinion. And also those Blood Moon skins are looking awesome !

  4. @Huzzy, I think you forgot the game where the top singed was obliterating a top Kayle, not sure which game it was but it was main account mid January I believe, you even commented the guy knew what he was doing. The really notable play I remember was he pooled just in front of the baron pit to zone and caught the ADC trying to sneak around.

  5. Oddly Jungle was the first role I picked up when I started league last year. I've always been better at macro than micro so it just seemed like the right fit. I also hate CSing, I get the strategy and skill involved but I'm just not good at it and don't care for it so its only Jungle and support for me. I would think Talon jungle with his excellent ganking and wall hoping would be good.

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