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NEEKO IS UNDERRATED AND BEST DECISION :D – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends


Hey guys! Today we’re taking part in Neeko as she actually stunned me the final time we performed her! She’s really fairly good! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Neeko Mid Gameplay.

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NEEKO IS UNDERRATED AND BEST DECISION 😀 – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends

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  1. Huzzy, i have now suddenly played vs kassadin a few times in a short period. And he is sooo strong , he goes electrocute with secondary bone ooanting. And he can just 1shot me at six. He aint a late champ anymore

  2. your Cod is so Good
    but what about Apex Legends?
    game is getting Popular, You might be interested in it 😛 but i personally whouldn't mind Cod – Valorant Ehhh got burn out of that content People doing the same moves gets Repetitive but who knows i might learn a thing or 2

  3. you can use w to avoid ganks! continue to run in one direction as theyre chasing, then cast it in that same direction while you turn around in stealth and run through whoever's chasing you, back to safety. works every time, unless you have some kind of mark like ignite, pta, a champion ability, etc

  4. I hate it when I'm playing a mid lane mage and all I get are assists. And i'm not a KDA player but yeah you don't get a lot of gold and end up being rather weak.

    Love to see you play Neeko though.

  5. On the lp matter, I went 7-1-10 on Warwick the other day, got all 4 drakes, and rift. 170 farm. In a 27 min game so not long. Got 12 lp for it. Yeah, idk that it’s fixed.

  6. OK, I get, it's your channel and you play whatever you want. But what's the point of asking us what game we want to see and then basically ignore the majority that wanted Valorant and go play Cod? I refuse to think that you do the community polls only for the algorithm.

  7. I'm not saying the mmr is broken, I'm just saying I gained 11 and lost 20

  8. I’m pretty sure lp never got fixed lol. I have a 59 percent win rate yet I get plus 12-15 and lose 17

  9. Does every league player have that habit of spending their gold even if the game is already over?

  10. keep replaying that thresh hook on lilia and I wanna say it hit her but also the more I look at it the more I think otherwise she was prob out of the way of the actually hook model

  11. Hey huzzy I was wondering why didn't you start a dorans blade against kassadin? I remember in one of the challenger replays a while ago you said it's ok to start dblade on mages against kassadin because it gives early ad to constantly auto attack and harass him out of lane. Overall good video though keep up the good work

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