Naughty Dog Fans Will See Halley Gross In The Last Of Us 2, Says Instagram


A recent post on Instagram has dropped a hint that we’ll be seeing a cameo from assistant writer Halley Gross in The Last Of Us 2, though we don’t know very much about what role she’ll play in the story yet, if at all. We don’t know yet what this means for the game, either.

Gross is already a co-writer for the game, so her also making either a cameo or at least a minor appearance in the game is hopefully going to be well-received. At the same time, the fact that Naughty Dog is still doing motion capture work might mean bad things for rumors that the game is going to be released this year.

Studios have done last-minute motion capture adjustments before, but at the same time without an actual release date being stated, there’s no telling how much longer it will take the game now. We can’t even look forward to an announcement this summer, as Sony has pulled out of this year’s E3 for unstated reasons.

Sony pulling out of E3 brings the responsibility of announcing a release date entirely on Sony and, more likely, Naughty Dog. At the same time, if they’re still working on the motion capture to put Halley Gross in The Last Of Us 2, the game might still have a good bit of work left on it to do that might keep it from coming this year.

We’ve only seen a little bit of gameplay from the game from when it went to E3 2018, but hopefully sometime this year we’ll be seeing more at a variety of different gaming events like Gamescom even if Sony isn’t going to be at E3, and hopefully get a release date at one of those events too.

Either way, hopefully us seeing Halley Gross in The Last Of Us 2 will end up being memorable when the game comes out exclusively on the Playstation 4.