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MY WAY TO RECOVER THE MAIN ACCOUNT? MORGANA! – Climb to Master S10 | League of Legends


So I’ve just lately not felt I’ve been enjoying my greatest and simply wished to chill a bit whereas I attempt to get better the principle account so determined to do a session of Support video games. This was the primary sport and we’re enjoying Morgana! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Morgana Support Gameplay.

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MY WAY TO RECOVER THE MAIN ACCOUNT? MORGANA! – Climb to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. Vayne and morg win that lane pre 6 as you just mad counter pyke. . When pyke qs you can hit the snare and w. If u max w it will hurt. A lot. A good pyke will use his e to engage but once you hit 3 he’s useless against black shield. Vayne knows this in this game hence why she’s aggressive early. Morg is always the carry in bot lane early. She’s a bitch and she’s my fave <3

  2. I decided to play ranked again and go back on support, I went from bronze 3 100lp to bronze 1 70lp in about 20 games lol I just have to see if I can have the effort to get myself back to silver before season ends lmao

  3. As a support main and specifically ex morg otp, you did way too many mistakes that didnt matter cause of your team but if you eant to actually climb/carry as support you need to be more aggressive and create early pressure that will carry your team

  4. I like watching you for your personality not necessarily the champs you play. I don't mind support games. I hope my opinion helps

  5. As a support main, I couldn't be more hyped to see you play more of the role! Out of curiosity, any hope for more carry support picks to make an appearance? Stuff like Swain, Brand, Zyra or even Vel'Koz?

  6. Huzz any type of game is fine. Keep it up. As a washed up support player myself I’m good with this. Also what’s your thoughts on supports difficulty with acquiring mythic items on time with the rest of the team in season 11

  7. I feel like Vayne is a pick for when the enemy has 3 tanks that can only run at you. Than she shines.

  8. Whoever says support is boring to watch is wrong! I'm no support main, but its a role i would love to learn lol

  9. I would love more support games, but please focus a bit more on vision. I don't want to sound big headed or mean or whatever, but it kinda hurts my feelings see vision neglected so much

  10. senna adc isn't all about damage… half her ult is a aoe shield on your team ffs. she's got and aoe root and aoe heal and aoe speed boost on her basic abilities, stop saying she's bad because she doesn't top damage in solo q

  11. 6:05 So basically ….huzzy plays support when he isn't playing or feeling great and he thinks of sup like a adult caring for a child till their big and strong,….wouldn't that mean the adc would grow up with issues..? XD ……exhibit A 3:05.. daddy huzzy with a kid suffering from decision making deficiency …very common in LOL XDXD

    27:34 U HATE TO SEE IT!!!….XDXD

  12. I will always enjoy watching you play league, no matter which position so feel free to play support if that is what you are finding the most success with

  13. I would be willing to watch more support gameplay. They really get underrepresented youtube content lately

  14. I'll happily watch your support content. I know you'll play the playmaking supports rather than enchanters and they're definitely fun to watch.

  15. the snail vanishes if someone walks by it too, i enjoy your support games tbh, nice break from other lanes

  16. Huzzy support games are great! Would love to watch some enchanter game play but I know you’re not too fond of them

  17. Seee huzzz!! The mejais. Jk

    He probably was watching caps from G2 and following the build to a T. Also I love all your content. I learned in the support games.

  18. "Chill a bit with support"
    The few times I get autofilled supp, the game gets super stressful, I have to keep my ADC and myself alive, poke the enemy, set up last hits, and stay map aware… not a popular opinion but I feel like league is hard and it'll take a miracle for me to climb out of bronze

  19. As a fellow support/mage main as some of the commenters, I too would enjoy more support content, especially mages or enchanters. This video inspired me to play some more Morgana.

  20. My question is, how did fuzzy or the community find out that if you warded on a SNAIL NECK, you could get the tri bush over the dragon wall

    Like really, what.

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