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MY TEEMO IS LEGENDARY! – Back to Master | League of Legends


Yup immediately we’re enjoying Teemo on my Main account in D1 MMR. We’re towards a Kled and we do fairly good, nevertheless it takes some time. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Teemo Top Gameplay.

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MY TEEMO IS LEGENDARY! – Back to Master | League of Legends


  1. I watch teemo videos cuz i know u dont like him and i wanna know why the heck u are playing him and it's nice when u have fun with him while hating playing it at the same time.

    I think you stop complaining so much about the game/teammates and just focus on "aaargh. Teemo"

  2. I know people have probably asked this before, but have you thought about/looked into professional commentary? There's just something about the way you commentate that's really smooth and enjoyable 🙂

  3. I definitely prefer when you do replays on old games, you do it POV style like this one. It's nice to see your point of view and what you werelooking at while you were in game.

    And the replay file for spectates, definitely good. I mean you can't really do POV style on spectates lol but still.

  4. something you don't really seem to consider when it comes to teemo's 'random' damage from people stumbling into mushrooms. It's almost always beneficial for your team regardless, because not everyone builds lifesteal and even if they do, they have to commit valuable time returning to base/attacking jungle creeps to top up their HP and you gain information on them either way. You can end up wasting a lot of the opponent's time forcing them to stop progressing towards checking an objective/getting back to lane because they stepped on a shroom and lost half their HP.

  5. huzz it would be awesome if you would get pov of challanger instead of replay file, so on top of knowing what are they doing we would see, how they do everything

  6. I really like the pov commentaries, but I feel like the real-time stream let's people get to know you better, and that's where you get the long term viewers/friends

  7. I like both styles of video, but it also depends on the Champion. I would've looooved to see that on POV just because it's Teemo
    And the Outro wasn't "Buzzy buzzy Bees"… COME ON, HUZZY! GET IT TOGETHER

  8. Liked the subathon was there for the first game, half of it, couldnt watch it cause it kept cutting out every 5 sec for like 10 sec or so, i watched the stream for about 10 – 20 mins before it crapped out and i couldnt handle the lag, but otherwise grats, u now have soo much content for vids, is a shame i couldnt watch the stream but meh it is what it is, glhf Huzzy 🙂

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