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MY SHEN IS CLEAN! MY S10 HERO? – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends


Today we’re taking part in some extra Shen! He’s one of my essential picks of Season 10! We’re in opposition to a Mordekaiser high, who’s a difficult lane opponent for Shen! Let’s see the way it goes! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Shen Top Gameplay.

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MY SHEN IS CLEAN! MY S10 HERO? – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends

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  1. This is the best YouTube video Huzzy has done in a while! Glad to see he's back to doing more informative content

  2. Great play Huzzy. I would love to see you go back to chat a bit. I think many times now when you are clapping for your team you will have opportunity to type encouragement to them. A WP man, excellent, etc goes a long way.

  3. Just note I don't say this in a bad way but I have sub for u many years now and still love u content, so the point I saw a really old video and seeing u today u have change a lot in the good way like u are more happy, u have even starting training so happy for u 😄😍

  4. Like the twitch games, but also very happy yt crew are getting some love. Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Love the content Huzzy!!! Really appreciate that youre trying and putting so much effort into the Youtube channel. Youre an amazing content creator and i hope you keep doing it for a few more years!!

  6. Love this gameplay, Huzz! I could tell you took the Youtube audience's feedback and are focusing more on the educational aspect of your vidoes. Thanks for all your content throughout the years, cheers!

  7. I find that using chat is helpful to help keep the team's morale up. Like complementing good plays.

  8. good idea to turn chat on … u can defo give them the benefit of your game knowledge ,,, and if they ignore it …… but if they they are smart then happy pleb days all round …

  9. Really good game! Unfortunate you lost but I am so tired of stomps. Its just nice to see a close game once in a while.

  10. The only reason why i'm not more on the stream " is because i'm from America so usually when you start streaming is like 5am here or something like that so i have to settle on the youtube content.

  11. 13:30 nice poem tho 😂
    AD carry little baby
    Youre da support
    You protec the baby
    You feed the baby
    You do everthing for the baby
    And one day baby becomes big and strong

    13:50 Kogmaw really weak baby and then sudenly insanely strong baby
    👏 😂

  12. I’m the yt audience because I’m in the US and have to work and don’t have anytime to watch twitch

  13. I loved your attitude this game. It reminded me the old tilt proof huzzy that got me to subscribe in the fiest place. I know this year has been bad for most people but if you could keep this mentality it would be great not only for your mental but also for views. Keep up the great work huzz!

  14. As someone who "main" shen you sure don't build currectly/your though prosses of build order is wrong. If you play at high rating might aswell research abit on your main. You could have had a lot better laning phase aswell as more early pressure.

    Overall it is nice to see you respect your YT audience more now, as a long time sub it is nice to see tbh.

  15. YESSSS Shen gameplay!! I would love to watch you play some not so much in meta top lane champions (it can be on the other series), it would be really fun! I love the variety that your channel brings, it is so cool!

  16. Dude, Huzz. Thanks to you Shen is my principal champ in top. I’m actually a jungled and I always complained that I had no map pressure as top but Shen solves all my problems. Love your content!

  17. Definitely missed the champ select commentary but if its annoying to deal with its not a big deal.

  18. Challenger shen onetricks say that sunfire is a bad item for shen and titanic is a rush item every game and i know that you dont trust metrics of this kind but i would suggest you to look into the math and reasoning beehind these statements since you are playing shen alot this season

  19. I love your positivity in this vid huzz.. in some you can become a bit depri.. not in this one..

  20. I don't know how you feel about editing your content huzz, but IF it's not much harder than skipping the loading screen… you could always do the champ select commentary after the game. Dub over the footage that you're already capturing for twitch, that way there's no wasted effort if someone dodges.

  21. Shen fits your personality. He seeks balance, he is helpful and kind, but still very strong. Cuz ye kinda buff man.

  22. Huzzy you should try Lucian mid, even with nerfs he is still quite a menace, it's not just Lillia being outclassed. But anyways this game was very good and I'm happy you uploaded, pretty hype/intense gameplay, puts my bronze fiestas to shame lol

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