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MY PYKE Vs A PYKE STOMPER!?! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Today we’re taking part in some Pyke and we’re up towards a Bard that has Pyke stomper in his profile… Let’s see how this goes! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Pyke Support Gameplay.

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MY PYKE Vs A PYKE STOMPER!?! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. the 2nd i hear about you being tired to sit in a chair and play a game because of the gym you lose me…

  2. First of all, my keybindings are waay different to the point that my Flash is on E and my other summs are on Q.

    Let this sink in and cringe urself, I got my own keybindings

  3. I think (and I could be wrong,) the reason DotA2 players hate(?) League is a combination of the difference in the devs and the constant comparisons. Riot actively interacts with the community, gives regular updates to the game, and spends lots of time to work on quality media (trailers, music, stories, comics, etc), while Valve could very possibly not know the community exists, updates the game regularly, adding new content like champions every few months, and on the odd occasion, they do release media for updates its either bland or boring and uninspired. Adding to this, League actively advertises their game, puts lots of production value in their game, and overall makes sure even casual or non-gamers know of League, DotA2 rarely if ever advertises their game, seemingly doesn't care about the pro scene, and seems willing to forget the game exists, this means if someone says they play DotA2, lots of people will respond with some version of "That game that's like League?" which can be rather frustrating. This is all conjecture, based on my experience in both games (which I haven't played in years) and watching content creators of both games.

  4. I have Flash on D because of how old league used to work. For those who don't know, basiclly back in S1 you couldn't pick each spell seperatly so every time you wanted to change a summoner you had to pick both.
    As flash was my primary spell and go-to most of the time I picked it first and than picked the secondary spell, e.g. ignite, heal etc.
    Hence flash was automatically on the D key for me since I started playing, there is no point changeing muscle memory now.

  5. I find DOTA very economy based because heroes themselves have much less outplay potential compared to League (especially without Flash, Blink Dagger is not a sufficient substitute because of its automatic in-combat cooldown), and very macro-based because of purchasable teleports, items that can give your whole team stealth, etc. The game is much more about knowing how to counter pick, how to play on either side of a counter matchup, how to optimize your gold income, knowing what items to build into what, knowing what your power spikes are with your current variety of build, knowing where to be on the map during different phases, and then learning how this all operates with your fellow heroes and against the rest of the enemy heroes. And you can't main a hero because counters are so severe and so important, so people play more variety (despite how different every hero is compared to the comparatively mild extents of champion variance in League) and understand more heroes in the game as a result. It requests much more investment than League, but both end up offering their own benefits and interesting experiences.

    Oh, I used F for flash, at least back when I still had the default controls. Now flash is on R.

  6. QOTD: I switched to flash on f recently and honestly it just felt a lot more natural, idk why. Even though I had d for flash for a longer time, i can’t switch back. Flash has to be aimed, and the mobility summoners are harder imo. I find the f key is more comfortable to press with your other fingers on qwe, and those slightly better ergonomics can help pull off difficult plays. But then again it could depend on your keyboard spacing or hand size etc.

  7. I mean I have a really weird control settings
    I actually have w,a,s,d that is used for camera movement and my spells are on q,e,3,r
    Flash is on shift + D
    And other is on f

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