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Today is the primary time I’m importing Warzone to my essential YouTube channel, hope you all give it a go and luxuriate in! I’ve been enjoying Warzone as my 2nd recreation for lots of this 12 months. Leave a like if you happen to benefit from the video! We’re working a Kilo & HDR loadout however we swap to the brand new SPR hit scan sniper later within the spherical! Thanks for watching!

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  1. "I apologize if the commentary isn't as serious in this video."
    Oh well I'm sure it can't be that wacky.
    "So you get Wheatabix in a bowl…"
    Nevermind XD

  2. That headshot was disgusting!!! XD
    I like many like you as a content creator not only as a league player. Long may the content continue!

  3. Huzzy saying sorry about the not professional talk –>> the video begins with a long talk about a unhealty food and cereals –>> Me: this is just gold content!!

  4. That tea and wheatabix thing sounds odd but it's close to what I do, I like dipping buttery toast into my tea, theres something oddly nice about buttery tea lol

  5. Honestly, I hope you start posting more non league games. I love you as a content creator but league has gotten so boring for me, both to watch and to play, that I just cant get the enjoyment out of your league videos like I used to, but this is entertaining as hell to watch in my opinion

  6. I'm not a big fan of FPS games but you make them exciting, hell, I'd even watch Huzzy reading the dictionary. Keep up the great content and feel free to branch out to whatever games you feel like playing!

  7. honestly huzzy i only watch lol or valorant videos but this was nice would be nice if you upload cod once a week or something

  8. to be honest i watch your content for you so ive clicked on this knowing its not league. keep doing what you're doing man, best wishes x (also first line of the video being you put weetabix in a bowl made me giggle lmao)

  9. LETS GO HUZZ IM HAPPY YOU DECIDED TO MAKE THIS VID!! We are here for you not always the games, keep it up huzz and we would love to see you vibin

  10. I just love your commentary Huzzy and would literally watch anything you put up as long as you comment on it even if it was murder.

  11. The weetabix thing is even more disgusting when you hear it the second time. huzzyO :wind_chime: :sweat_drops:

  12. Hey, Huzzy! ^^

    I don't usually comment but I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say that seeing you just enjoy and be casual is very fun and nice to see. Just enjoy what you're doing and we'll be watching. Looking forward for more COD content from you.

    I've watched all your COD warzone videos in your second channel and this is one of your best episodes not only because of the plays, but also because you're just having fun. Congrats on the win👌

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