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MY MALPHITE ULTS ARE BETTER! SYLAS TIME! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Hey guys! Today we’re taking part in Sylas Top lane! We make a couple of errors this sport however we strive to keep being helpful! We’re in opposition to a Malphite so I give attention to getting higher Ultimates off than him! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Sylas Top Gameplay.

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MY MALPHITE ULTS ARE BETTER! SYLAS TIME! – Iron to Master S10 – | League of Legends

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  1. Love seeing huzzy not do great but laugh about it. Sometimes he can be a little salty but it’s far more refreshing seeing him admit his mistakes but still stay positive

  2. I've been wondering why you like headmistress fiora skin, I've started watching you since this year so have not heard the reason yet in your videos. (Just curious)

  3. I actually quit League back in June. Best thing I ever did. Still love the lore and still love watching you play but I can't wade back into that toxic pool until they actually clean up there bullshit.

  4. this game just showcases how great huzzys mental is, i wouldve been so tilted that entire time but huzzy kept a cool head
    (or maybe he was really tilted inside and just didnt show it, idk :P)

  5. Love all of Sylas' voice lines. I'm so hyped to see/read what Riot is goning to do with the Demacian civil war. But I'm 100% on Sylas' side.

  6. Huzz my 12 years Old Brother who cant even read English Can play Akali and Execute all of her Combos ………
    that Disgusting champion is anything but hard to play

  7. i dont know if this is the video where im supposed to say that i like kiwi but ill do it anyway

  8. Huzzah I havent played akali in 5 years I player n her last night and went 15 and 5 shes easy and broken

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