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MY CONFIDENT PICK TO CLIMB? ELISE! – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends


Hey guys! Today we’re enjoying Elise, that is one other POV type commentary, Elise appears to be turning into my confidence decide so as to climb once more! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of legends Elise Jungle Gameplay.

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MY CONFIDENT PICK TO CLIMB? ELISE! – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends


  1. Definitely enjoy the pov commentary, as for the music, i dont mind it but its a little loud imo so maybe turn it down a tad bit <3

  2. POV gives us a more detailed insight into decision making and strategy. I feel the music isn't neccessary.

  3. Loving the POV commentary, however I personally think the background music is a little too intense and overpowering while you're talking.

  4. I don't think there's anything wrong with the mastery system, you have to earn your mastery's on your champions like you can still be 100k pts and be mastery lvl 5 on a champ. It's not just based on how much you play them you have to actually play good to earn it so I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

  5. Huzz, the music is good but it's too loud, maybe lower the volume by a bit. Also I love these POV commentaries.

  6. Huzzy makes Elise look easy. I went on her earlier today and fed like crazy lol (in norms)

  7. I think how they should do the mastery is that it's like how we have it, getting S grades from games gives you tokens. However I think to get M7 tokens should require you to play ranked and get an S on that champion, and the mastery symbol is bordered by your highest rank of the season. Sure that Yasuo can have 1.7 million points and be M7, but it doesn't change the fact he's got that lovely lovely Iron border

  8. I’d say music is a tad too high. You talk normally so it sometimes overpowers your voice, also I’d say a more chill song work work better not exactly lofi but it’s a good example. Softer less in your face kinds of melodys

  9. My argument for splitpushing (especially while Hand of Baron is active) is this:
    Yes, your team has a high likelihood of inting 4v5 but putting pressure on other parts of the map can win the game for your team. If the enemy team decides they need to send 1 or more people to that lane to match the split then the team fight is more fair or advantageous for the rest of the team.
    While Hand of Baron is active you have more damage and better stats so teamfighting is easier 4v5. The reason Sett wanted to splitpush with Baron is because he's putting powerful pressure on the side lanes.
    Not to say that Sett was playing splitpushing correctly. He made a good attempt but it was clear he didn't know when to stop pushing, how to bait, etc (the fundamentals of splitpushing). Teamfigiting was obviously the solution in this game but spitpushing is generally a good option even in solo queue.

  10. Gotta say. Was super interested in wanting to watch Elise games and Huzzy decides to deliver tons of Elise videos.

  11. So I would change mastery into a specific set of datapoints for each champion instead of a flat number. So for instance, Ranking would one aspect, number of games is another, KP a third, win rate for another, etc. You would then get a multiplier to this stat based on the number of games you have played so you can't master that aspect if you're bad at it, but people who have mastered that aspect and play a lot more games can beat someone who lucked into a very good small set of games for that number. Furthermore, you could now see that maybe someone is very bad at a specific aspect, but godly at the rest as well. This way, you could show the various aspects of mastery instead of a total amount of time spent playing the champion.

  12. Yea I always get scared if an enemy is mastery 7 but I've found it rarely has any indication of their skill level, mainly just their match up knowledge.

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